Take up the Diablo 2 Challenge: A Dare for Gaming Hotshots

Diablo 2 Challenge

Ever imagined, how life would have been in the movie ‘Ready Player One’ would have been a real-life episode? Beginning with such a fictional reference has enough reasoning of course. The craze for gaming is real and as real as it was shown in the film. However, a big difference between the real and the reel is, you always don’t end up winning. But more than winning, what is the most important fact? It is, fellow gamers, taking up the challenge! But before that, let us know what Diablo 2 is and what Diablo 2 Items are.

Diablo 2: One of the Best Multilayer Games Ever!

Well, the introduction to Diablo 2 might be precise, because, for gamers like you Diablo is indispensable. However, for the relatively fresher crowd on the block, let us share a basic picture of the same.

Developed by Blizzard North and published by Blizzard Entertainment Electronic Arts(PS1), Diablo was first released for Microsoft Windows in 1997 and for PlayStation and Mac OS in 1998. A thrilling story, striking characterization and amazing background music made the video game a popular series in the next few years. Diablo belongs to the action role-playing hand and slash genre that already has the 4rth iteration coming up soon.

The plot of Diablo is set in the mortal realm of Khanduras, a kingdom where the player fights against the world of Diablo. The player must cross 16 dungeon levels to enter the final level that is set in hell, to encounter Diablo.

Diablo 2 or Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, the sequel was dropped in 2000 after the immense popularity of the original version. Diablo III came out in the year 2012.

The Weapons and Armors of Diablo 2

A fan of the dark fantasies? Do you feed on horror? Can’t get enough of the slasher games? Then Diablo is your thing! Now, the storyline of Diablo comprises of 4 acts. Each of the acts has an end in a predefined manner, and of course, you gotta slay a lot of monsters.

The weapons in Diablo 2 are randomly generated, similar to its predecessor, the original Diablo. However, the system of Diablo 2 Items are much more complex. You will find different qualities in armors and weapons. Another new and interesting thing about Diablo 2 is crafting new items. HoradricCube(save the name) is used to combine 2 or more items to create a new and more powerful item.

However, folks, there is a catch! Winning over the Lord of Destruction is not a child’s play. In order to keep on battling, you need the items in the right amount and nature. And Diablo 2 won’t just be going to give away all your special resources. You gotta pay for them. And there are a number of websites that make different unique weapons and armors available at different prices. Generally what you, as a player, would be required to get through the game are, Runes, Amulets, Charms, Belts, Gems, Body Armors, Gloves, Helms, Jewels, Set Items, Shell & Sockets, Shields, Rings, Level up Service, Gear Items, RuneWords, Boots amongst others.

The Diablo 2 character classification might also interest you. You will get 5 characters to choose from for your player avatar: The Amazon, The Necromancer, The Barbarian, The Sorceress, and The Paladin. Each avatar comes from a different origin and possesses a unique skill set.

More about Weapons and Armors

Now that you have got a sketchy idea of Diablo, you would like to more about its weapons and armors, won’t you? Here’s a non-inclusive list of Diablo 2 weaponries and armors:

Normal Weapons

Crossbows, Daggers, Javelins, Axes, Bows, Maces, Polearms

Normal Armours

Armors, Shields, Boots, Belts, Gloves, Helms

The above-mentioned weapons and armors are still easier to obtain; however, it’s the unique items that you might need to but for a better gaming experience. For example, let’s talk about NecromanerShunken Heads. These belong to the Elite Class-specific armors that can earn you bonuses and specific Necromancer skills. Now, you only wear a Necromancer head when you pick the Necromancer avatar. And remember, you wear one head at a time, and that too with a wand, usually.

Elite Crossbows could be another example. If you don’t want to risk a hand-in-hand tussle, go for the crossbows. The avatar of The Amazon is the finest archer; however, you can try your luck with bows with other characters as well.

When you make your mind to play Diablo 2, take some time out, and do prior research. In-depth knowledge helps profoundly. Diablo 2 Items are abundant in style and varied in nature. And with all the right resources, may you take over the Diablo Kingdom soon!

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