Where we can order a custom luxury rigid box with our logo?

Every retailer needs to pay keen attention to product packaging. Almost every retail product requires impressive and exquisite and quality bundling. Therefore, many retailers prefer custom set up boxes that play a huge part in the products’ success and failure.  The specific labels, themes, graphics, and designs on the packaging will reinforce the brand and product at the same time.

Create a Huge Branding Moment

Are you are a retailer and startup, the business owner?  Considering the best branding moment? Then Packhit’s custom setup boxes should be your first choice that exactly improve the branding and provide exactly what you need. For creating the branding phrase, we will use luxurious designs, modest themes, and bold colors that are related to the brand’s personality. Our designers will set elegant and pleasing to the eye packaging design that perfect example to create a friendly customer experience and enhance products’ position.  We will completely add the products’ identification elements in the bundling that fulfill the branding role.  We know that custom setup boxes are a vast and dynamic medium to set your brand apart from the crowd.

Pick Straight Forward Printing Options

For the retailers, it is crucial to take a deep dive into the rigid box printing and designing factors. This factor is a little more complicated for unprofessional retailers.  First of all, you need to hire our designers who will provide identified and best marketing medium for the retail brand.  We first examine the medium of packaging, and then we decide further printing, marketing, and customization ideas.  We will define the products properly and choose the best printing models such as Spot UV, Matte ad Gloss.  Understanding such points, our designers will choose the best graphics, colors, and themes that reflect the real nature of the products.  In this sense, we create rigid box printing ideas with all essential information about products. It helps to attract consumers and showcase the real marketing motive of the retailers.


Go for the Eco-friendly Packaging

In the retail sector, it is crucial to understand the target audience, modern trends, your brand’s mission statement, and unique qualities of rigid set up boxes.  These factors will help to change your business and give confidence to the customers’. Among other visual components, using eco-friendly bundling is a new fashion and trend.  Sometimes it is tricky to define but we can introduce this trend in our designed bundling.  We are using the green Kraft that’s considered a very common component to create unique bundling and recyclable bundling that spread the positivity of the products.  We got our hands in the eco-friendly rigid set up boxes that evoke customers’ emotions and consider the most natural medium to win customers’ loyalty.  In the end, our designed bundling will create a positive environmental impact and inspire all environmentally conscious customers.


Indicate Products’ Quality in Packaging

The retail industry is facing extreme pressure to meet the need for quality custom rigid box packaging. Now customers demand clean, safe, sustainable, and quality bundling ideas. Therefore, we bring the active, creative and quality rigid boxes wholesale services. It’s a future of safe and extending display of the retail products.  We simplify the material usage in quality custom rigid box packaging that facilitates complex shipping.  Especially, for the beverage products, we will craft quality and convenient bundling with the cardboard to ensure products’ safety.  In this manner, we may able to communicate with our target customers effectively.

Facilitate To Wrap Cute Gifts

We design rigid boxes wholesale with the gift and occasions themes that have the purpose to inspire someone special.  We will examine the trendy and functional aspects of the gifting bundling and revise each factor to create luxurious gifting ideas. Our designers will use occasional themes, colors, and designs that serve the primary purpose of effective wrapping for the gift.  We know that cardboard paper has functionality and originality, so we design the best themes according to the needs.  For the birthday, Christmas and wedding, we will design rigid boxes with lids that ensure a broader range of customers’ interaction with the products as well.   Also, our designed rigid boxes with lids are creating the best physical shopping experience and bring novelty in the retail term.

We Help to Design the Best Products’ Promotion

The packaging is all about marketing and creating customers’ experience with the brand.  Therefore, Packhit will consider logo embossed printed rigid boxes are the well-thought definition of products.  The designers will create the brand’s related colors, logos, slogans, typography, and regulatory information on these boxes that suitable for the catchy marketing of the products.  Thus, we always bring a well-defined persona of brand and uniquely promote the products in printed rigid boxes. No doubt, this will create a brand’s communication and remain at the center of attention for the target customers.  So you can get benefits of our personalized services, order now.


It is not enough to provide quality products. But every retailer should introduce their products in custom setup boxes. We can say that logo-embossed bundling is the ultimate way to tempt customers and create active engagements with brand owners.

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