Does an author needs a website


Does an author needs a website? Any writer wants to take the world by storm through his work.  A website is an important aspect of the author. Any writer, even those who have not published their work yet, have a website. A website will tell you if you are a serious professional.  However, the website needs to be designed very well as it can potentially make or break you.

Below are the reasons why an author needs a website

1. Enables you to shine

The author’s website is all about you; the things you have written, the kind of writing you do, who you are, and all the things that involve you. The website is yours, and you are not competing with anyone for space and attention from other people like social media. You have very fewer worries about the new algorithm that will get in how people view your post. You are not competing with anyone for the website.

The information to be included on the website is key to ensuring that the readers read your book. Your brand is built in a broader way than the social media that occupies a very small space. We are not discrediting social media; it is an excellent tool to increase your work’s popularity. A website forms a solid foundation, and it is better than social media.

Your website is designed according to your preferences that compliment your book and link it to your personality.

2. is the nucleus

The website acts as a central focus of your online presence. People will be looking for your work on your website. The website will redirect the readers to your social media pages.  Your social media pages must also have links that direct the readers to the websites.

3. Marketing tool

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The website will act as your greatest tool for marketing your book to the new audiences. Using your social media accounts is a very good step to bring more people to the website and will drive more book sales. You also need to create email lists that will enable people to join your website.

If your work is on Amazon, ensure that you provide links that will direct people to your website. A book cover is a very important aspect when marketing the book on the internet. It is the first factor that the target audience looks first; you must ensure that the book cover is very excellent. Look for professional personnel such as Creative Paramita where you will get both Premade and Custom book cover that are very excellent and generate huge sells for your book and also more traffic to your website.

4. shows your professionalism

A website will make you look like a profession. Your website should be your business site. Having a website will display your work as legit. Having a website will help you gain the trust of readers since it gives out important information that you will not find anywhere. You should be able to sell yourself and your books as an author through the websites.

The website should have great information that will enable the reader to keep on scrolling and persuade them to buy the book. You can even put up your book for sale on the website and get more profits. Your expertise ensures the readers read your book.

Should you hire a developer or create it by yourself?

There exist sites such as Wix that are great for the people who understand them. The site has an expensive annual fee that will be very expensive in the long run, but you will have full control of it. Since it needs to make you look professional, you need to hire qualified personnel to create a website.

You may not know navigation, web pages, photography, and graphic design hence the need to hire web design personnel to create a custom website for you.

What to keep in mind when looking to work with the developer



You need to understand how much will go into the creation of the website before it starts running. The following are some of the things you need to put in mind.

Ongoing costs for hosting- the websites need to be live somewhere on the internet. They include the dot-coms, dot- nets, and all the dot- everything. Use your name to buy the domain and not your books. Know how much money you will be spending on these domains.

What the site is being built on

Ensure that the developer is developing the website on a platform that is widely used and known. It will help you experience every few cases of hackers and bugs. WordPress is an excellent example in this context.

Method of design

You should clear instructions on how you want the website to look like to avoid getting a website that you won’t like. Give the developer a clear idea of the goals that are supposed to be met. There is no one who wants to pay for something that does not look the way they wanted.


It will be very well if your developer is providing a warranty for the work. The developer should also provide free support services.

What to add on the website

Your website should be your first impression. How you want the website to be displayed to the audience is a great way to attract more readers to the website. Provide links that will help users to buy your books if they are available.

Have a blog that you will add additional information about the book. You can decide to gather email addresses and ensure that you add a Privacy Policy.

What next after creating the website

After creating the website, strive to use blog posts to engage the readers. Use the social media channels to enable readers to have a behind the scene look and attract more readers. Use newsletters as they are a great thing in informing the audience about the recent updates of the websites and your work so that they will know when to expect your new book.


A website will ensure that you look professional and a polished presence of what they do. If you cannot build your website, do not try; look for a developer to help you.  I am glad you have read this article to the end. I know that the well-detailed information given in this article will enable you to create an excellent author essay.

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