Five of the Best Torrenting Sites

Torrenting is a great way to easily access your favorite movies, shows, music, and games. Unfortunately, many torrenting websites often get blocked or removed from the internet.
Therefore, to download your desired files you need fast, authentic, and last-standing torrenting sites.

I have done all the work to compile a list of the 5 best torrent sites on which you can rely upon. Before I start outlining the best torrenting sites for you, just be sure to search the best VPN for torrenting in the USA.

A VPN is required to keep you safe and anonymous while torrenting. Since, torrenting is all about downloading stuff for free and therefore, in most parts of the world torrenting is being thought of as copyrights violation.

However, torrenting is completely legal in other countries. It doesn’t matter if you’re living in a country where torrenting is legal or illegal, you will badly need a VPN whatever the case is.
No torrenting site is 100% secure, and a lot of hackers throw malicious links to damage your device or sometimes take control over personal data.

A VPN hides your IP address and encrypts online traffic, and because of that, no hacker can throw malicious links on your IP address. Similarly, a VPN also stops your ISP from throttling bandwidth.

In this way, you can smoothly download anything without being hacked, traced, or throttled.
Now, I will also guide you on what are the best sites for a smooth torrenting experience.

How to find the best torrenting sites?

Torrenting sites are not trusted because sometimes they are working and sometimes not. Torrenting sites also automatically get removed from the internet.
Hence, it is crucial to identify which torrenting sites are long-standing and authentic to be used for downloading content.  I have searched a lot of torrent sites and besides that, I also found details regarding the core features of the best torrenting sites. Here I am summarizing some of the features that you should look at to analyze the strength and authenticity of a torrenting site.

Downloading speed

is all about downloading files therefore, I am placing this feature on the top of my list. You can select the best torrenting sites by testing speed. The best way to do that is simply open 3-5 torrenting sites, establish your VPN connection, and connect to the nearest server of your location. Now, start downloading the same file from all the sites that you’ve launched. You’ll notice that each website will download the same file faster than others. This is how you can detect the best torrenting sites in terms of downloading speed.

Seeder and Leecher Ratio

Remember, a good torrenting site always has a great number of seeders and leechers. If a torrent site has a few seeders then it will be slow and frustrating. Seeders are those users who have got the files and uploading them on the website for other users. Whereas, Leechers are the users who download seeders files, and in return share their content files. In this way, the sharing and downloading process get faster and smoother.

Year of establishment

You can also check the founding year of a torrenting website. If any particular torrenting site is working for years without being removed then you cannot question its reliability.

Best Torrenting Sites-Working

Kickass Torrents

On account of many obvious reasons, I put this torrenting site on the first rank in my list. Kickass torrents have been a great torrenting site since 2008 so, it’s quite clear that we cannot challenge its reliability. Besides its remarkable consistency, Kickass torrents also have various mirror or proxy sites that make it easy to access downloads. There is nothing to worry about the content library because it’s huge and leading the space with 28000 torrents. What’s more? The seeder and leecher ratio is also commendable giving you all the right reasons to try Kickass Torrents.
The site also gives complete information about each content file with screenshots and descriptions. It also mentions if an uploader is a verified or non-verified user. In this way, you can stay secure by not downloading files uploaded by anonymous or non-verified users. Support for instant download is also available. Note: The site may be blocked in the USA, users are suggested to use a VPN for torrenting to bypass geo-restriction.


1337x is also among the best alternative torrenting sites with more than 2,400,000 torrents. 1337x has been a trusted source for torrenting since 2007. The site is not as good as the Kickass Torrents because it only offers an average downloading speed of 69.4 Mbps with no support for instant downloads. However, just like Kickass Torrents, 1337x also offers proxy/mirror sites. This site is accessible in the USA but blocked in the UK, Austria, Australia, and Ireland.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is yet another great option for torrenting. The site has been gaining users’ trust since 2003 which is quite a long time. however, it’s been noticed that many times the service faced a complete shutdown in various countries including the USA, UK, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Australia, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, and many others.
A torrent VPN is again recommended to circumvent geo-blocks to gain easy access to the pirate bay.
The site acclaimed to have 3,300,000+ torrents with an average speed of 65.9 Mbps. Not only that, just like any other great torrenting site The Pirate Bay also offers support for instant downloads with three available mirror sites.


TorrentDownloads is an incredible choice to search for content that you can’t find in other places. Its library is huge and deals with almost everything. TorrentDownload achieved an unlimited number of torrents i.e. 16,000,000+ with an average speed of 56.2 Mbps which is quite fine.
Unluckily, TorrentDownload doesn’t support instant downloads but does provide two mirror sites for smooth access.

Lime Torrents

This August you can also try out Lime Torrents to find and download your most loved movie or TV shows. Lime Torrent has a gigantic library where you can find anything regardless of the genre. The site was found in 2009 and to date, it is working and chosen by many torrent lovers. Just like other torrenting sites, Lime Torrent is also blocked in various regions but can be unblocked easily via proxy or a VPN.
Lime Torrents is also winning the space with 9,800,000+ torrents with an average speed of 39.1 Mbps which is not as great as we expect. Luckily, the site allows you to enjoy instant downloads with two available mirror sites.


These were the top 5 sites which you must try this august to enjoy an incredible torrenting experience. Make sure to connect to the best torrenting VPN to stay secure from hackers, watchdogs, and bandwidth throttling and torrent freely as much as you want.

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