How to design a product catalog

A product catalog is an essential asset of marketing that gathers all sorts of product details of a company or brand to help buyers make an easy purchase decision. In other words, it allows its recipients with a range of available goods of the shop or store to be understood as quickly as possible. A well-built product catalog includes products features, descriptions, dimensions, price, weight, availability, color, customer reviews and more. 

Why is a catalog important? 

A catalog helps to recognize a brand with its products or services. It is like a brand logo or business card, as it shows you to your target audiences. So, it will be designed carefully. Here are some reasons to check why your business need a visually appealing catalog,

  • Catalogs influence purchase decisions.
  • People engage with catalogs on a deeper level. 
  • Catalogs bridge the gap between physical and digital worlds. 
  • Evokes strong and positive emotions and associations. 

Above all, catalogs come with new ideas. It communicates to your customers and inspires them to buy through other channels. Research shows that catalogs are more successful than other marketing tools. 

Types of catalog design

Catalogs have two formats to design and you can go with one of them according to your business category whether it is online or offline. But you can use these two types of catalogs to advertise your product in both online and offline platforms. The two types of catalog are,

Print catalog

Print catalog is something that is a hard copy of your product review. It is a paper-based advertisement like leaflets or brochures which is usually kept on the table or desk. It lets the customers introduce all of your products at a glance. Although, the print catalog remains one of the world’s best sales tools. 

Digital catalog

Digital catalogs are actually online branding assets that are created using digital tools. You might have seen many of them in social media or websites as many companies used them to promote online businesses. A digital catalog is usually created in the PDF format so that it can save a lot of money by comparing to printing catalogs. 

What makes an attractive catalog design?

There are some design elements that you can use when you are designing the first product catalog for your business. be mind that catalog design is similar and also a part of graphic design. So, you need to hire an expert graphic designer or product catalog design company to ensure the best output of your product reviews. Here I am presenting some important options that you will need in the same, 

Front cover

Give your product an attractive front cover to entice its recipients. you should have your logo, slogan in the front cover, use high graphical content to make it eye-catching. 

Table of contents

If you have a large number of products and also have variations in them, then you need to add a table of content in your product catalog. It navigates the customers to what they want from you in a single moment.  

Name and image of the products

Your products have a particular name even if there are the same kind of product available in the market, so include your product’s name and don’t forget to give a short image as images are the most critical component of a catalog. 


You must have to mention the price of your products so that customers can easily contact you with a clear sense of what they would want from you.


If you have fashion or garment products like t-shirt, shirt, Panjabi, skirt or others, then you will need to add sizes of the product individually. 


List the certifications earned by the product such ISO 9001, ISO 27001 etc. 


If you have any discount or sale offer in your shop, then don’t forget to add the incidents time and date into your product catalog so that people can get more interaction with you. 

Call to action

It is an important thing that how can your customers get connected to you? via mail, phone call or on social platforms, you need to put your email address, contact number as well as social media sites so that they can easily interact with you. 

How to design the best product catalog for business? 

At present, time is so valuable and people don’t have a single moment to choose products by going to the shop. All types of businesses are going online nowadays and people are more likely to order from whatever they need. That’s why you need to design a product catalog for your business if you want to get connected with your audiences fast. To ensure the best product catalog according to your aesthetic mind, you will have to find an expert who has graphic design knowledge and also has the ability to make the best catalog for you. 




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