The best retro consoles and what to consider when buying one

Video games have evolved many in recent years, even becoming a great industry everything that surrounds them. However, there is no doubt that retro is in fashion, hence as the years go by, we can find more and more retro consoles. Models that if you are too young you will not have been able to enjoy them, but that are possible to revive and without the need to use emulators. Next, we are going to show a compilation with some of the best retro video game consoles.

The truth is that today video consoles offer the possibility of living a truly incredible gaming experience. The technology that surrounds them and the great quality of the games and online games of the moment makes the experience more and more real and immersive. But the truth is that retro video games also have their own charm despite offering graphics that have nothing to do with what we are currently used to.

For a long time there have been some emulators that allow us to play some console games from many years ago , both on our mobile phone and on the computer, however, there is nothing like living the experience of making use of some of the most popular retro consoles and enjoy some of his unforgettable titles. Most of the models that we can buy today are perfect replicas of the original consoles, even most retain the original size, although others are available in reduced or mini versions. Although most offer some of the most popular video games in the formats of that time, there are others already offer many titles of the time pre-installed in the internal memory.


The best controllers for PS4 according to your budget


When we buy a game console like the Sony PS4 we do it with the hope that it will last us a long time, something that should be the case with the simple fact of taking a minimum of care. However, the controls are the ones that suffer from daily wear and tear and those that require us to change the pads from time to time or even have to change them because they have broken down. If your controller has stopped working and you are looking for a new controller for your console, these are some of the best controllers for PS4.

Depending on the type of player we are, the fact of using one controller or another is going to be essential in the gaming experience we live. Luckily, nowadays there are a lot of options to choose from, from a cheap controller with good sensations, ideal for those more sporadic players who do not care so much to play with one controller or another, to those looking for a more professional experience. possible.

These more advanced players are the ones who know very well which controller to choose and which is the one that offers them the best sensations, however, the rest of the users are the ones who may find themselves with more problems or indecisions when choosing a controller or whatever. other accessories for the PS4 Controller  . If we are one of those who like to play from the computer the most, from the following link you can see the best controllers for PC , some models being compatible for both PC and PS4.

Aspects to consider when choosing a controller for PS4

There are several details that we have to look at or be very clear when buying a controller for PS4. There is no doubt that the budget that we have will mark certain details, but the truth is that today we can find controllers or controllers compatible with PS4 in a very wide price range.

  • Wireless : Perhaps the first thing we have to decide is whether we want a wireless or wired controller. The truth is that almost everyone prefers a wireless controller to avoid having to walk with the cable connected and the limitations that this implies. Now, if we are looking for a much more professional experience, we must bear in mind that wireless connections will always offer higher latency than cable connections.


  • Level of play that we do : Depending on our level of play, as with the type of connection, it is important to take into account the quality of the materials of the controller for PS4 Games. That is, the quality of the controller pads, as well as the amount of functions that we can add with certain additional controls to those offered by Sony’s own DualShock.


  • Sony License : Officially licensed controllers for PS4 offer the assurance of never being out of date or obsolete after any firmware update of our game console by Sony. However, very few models, apart from Sony’s own DualShock, have this license.


  • Compatibility : It goes without saying that when we look for a hand for PS4 the first thing we have to take into account is that it is compatible with the Sony video console. However, there are certain controllers that may or may not be compatible with certain games. In this case, if we are fans of a title that requires a special command or controllers, we must make sure that it is compatible first of all.


  • Price : There is no doubt that the budget we have to buy the Third-party ps4 Controller will also determine its quality and performance, but luckily, as we are going to show below, we can find controls with a very wide price range so that we can find the one that best suits our needs and budget.

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