What Is The Best Sealer For Slate Sealing?

No doubt, slate tiles offer an attractive and amazing overall appearance. But you should also need to know that, slate tiles also have absorbent properties and absorbs the water and moisture easily. So, you need slate sealing for better protection. However, you also need to focus on the slate cleaning to maintain the natural sparkle and beauty of these tiles.

After a professional cleaning, it’s better to get the slate sealing services as well. For this, always use a specified and professional sealer specially designed for slate tiles and natural stones. It will help to increase the life span, protection and durability of these tiles and stones.

On the other hand, you may also seal the natural stones and tiles to enhance the natural shine and sparkle. Because these tiles become fade and dull over time and professional cleaning and maintenance are required for it.

Moreover, you can choose the type of sealant accordingly your desire and tile’s requirements. Slate tiles sealant is available in multiple types to enhance the shine and protection of these tiles. Mostly these sealants are available in matte and shiny finishing.

Types Of Slate Tiles Sealants:

Basically, there are three types of sealant available in the market for the slate tiles and natural stones.

  • Clear infusing sealant
  • Ornamental sealant
  • Glossy or shiny sealant

No doubt, all these sealants have a lot of benefits for the slate tiles. But you should choose the right one that suits the type of slate tiles and natural stones. On the other hand, it also depends on the condition of tiles. Therefore, it’s better to fulfil the slate cleaning needs before focusing on sealing for excellent and satisfactory results. So, let’s talk about all these sealants in details:

·      Clear Infusing Sealant:


This type of sealer can infuse inside the slate tiles easily to offer the great protective layer to these tiles and stones. Moreover, it protects the slate tiles from all kind of hard stains and spills due to food and other containments. The best part is, this sealant will not change the colour as well as the shine of natural stones and slate tiles.

So, you can apply it on grout lines and tiles easily without any fear of discolouration. Let the sealant dry on the surface of grout lines and tiles. To check the level of dryness, you can pour a few drops of water on it. If the water doesn’t soak inside the tiles then the sealant has dried. However, slate tiles will take a little more time to dry as compared to other tiles.

That’s why a sealant with water-based structure is better to use on the slate tiles as compared to others. While using the infusing sealant on the slate tiles, simply spread it on the tiles. Moreover, you can use cotton cloth also to spread it in a better way.

After the completion of the slate sealing process, you need to remove the excess sealant with the help of a sponge. Otherwise, it will hard to remove the dried sealant on the tiles. Don’t worry about the colour of tiles and grout while applying the sealant. Because tiles will return into its original colour after the sealant dries.

·      Ornamental Sealant:

This sealant will help to enhance the colour and shine of grout lines as well as slate tiles. Because slate may become dull over the time due to inappropriate slate cleaning patterns. So, this sealant will retain the natural shine and sparkle of these tiles. On the other hand, it will also offer a glossy appearance to the tiles and natural stones.

Furthermore, you can also enhance the shine and gloss on the tiles by putting the second layer of this sealant. However, don’t apply more than two coats of this sealer. On the other hand, the application method of this sealant is the same as the clear infusing sealant.

Glossy Sealant:

It will offer a great shiny and glossy finishing to the slate tiles and natural stones. Moreover, you can get it in water-based form as well as powder form. You can choose the powder sealant for the better durability of tiles. However, it will hard to remove and strip this sealant at the time of maintenance.

But water-based sealant doesn’t come along with all these issues. However. Both types of glossy sealant offer a great and marvellous look to the surface of slate tiles. It will resist water and moisture to penetrate inside the surface of grout lines and tiles as well as staining.

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