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It seems that fans of stories about superheroes are already quite fed up with comic action, so the blockbuster “Aquaman subtitles” compares favorably with their background with its place of action. This ocean is why we are doubly interested in where and how the film “Aquaman subtitles” filmed. Everything in order. 

For the first time, the idea of ​​filming the story of the most useless superhero on land was born in 2004, but then the studio Sunrise Entertainment canceled the project due to insufficient funds. The real work began to boil in ten years. Hired by Warner Bros. screenwriters Will Bill and Kurt Johnstad started to writing two versions of the script back in 2014, at the same time Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa was cast in the lead role. Interestingly, the actor’s first big project in 1999 was Rescuers Malibu. At the university, He studied marine biology in Iowa, so, one might say, the water topic is familiar to Momoa. In 2015, it became known that the Australian director James Wang (Momoa wanted Zach Snyder to become him) will take the director’s chair, and the script by Kurt Jonstad will take as a basis.

The production of the picture began on May 2 in 2017, the central part of the filming took place in Australia since there were many natural scenes, then something was filmed on the Gold Coast beach – on the so-called Gold Coast in Queensland. And the lighthouse where the story begins – the meeting of an earthly man and a sea queen – was found in Hastings, New South Wales in Great Britain – these episodes were dealt within just two months. Of course, the pavilion was also not without the site was provided by the Australian production company Village Roadshow Pictures – in total, about 50 decorative locations built. 

The director of the film, James Wang, was guided by the principle: to shoot live as much as possible, water reservoirs used. The film’s designer Bill Brzeski says that when depicting Atlantis’s image, he took ancient Greek classical motives as a basis. At the same time, “building” the underwater world natural materials like coral guided him. To create a believable universe, several interesting problems had to be solved. For example, to figure out where the light comes from under the kilometers of water? Corals come to the rescue again – glowing! But to observe the “underwater” effect, one had to resort to a trick, says cameraman Don Burgess: several transparent reservoirs of water placed above the set, through which the light of lighting devices came. The vibrations of the water and glare created the necessary feeling. Of course, in the film about Atlantis, the heroes swim a lot and even talk during underwater. It looks as believable and natural as possible; the engineers built special cranes.

Under the leadership of Ar.Hey. Rondell, a stuntman, actors, and stuntmen (previously doused with water) floated on special cables. Add a dozen more fans and a smoke machine here – you get the effect of underwater photography. The technology with “overlay” water in post-production is called “Dry for Wet” (roughly translated – dry for wet). In these scenes, it seems that the heroes are somewhere in the ocean at great depths. The main difficulty is the characters’ hair: for them to move in the water as it should, it was necessary to add them to the charts (that’s why some heroes have smooth hairstyles at all). And in general, everything is not comfortable with physics laws; Computer technologies were also very useful in the “settlement” of underwater kingdoms by inhabitants. McIlwain points out that Aquaman was a breakthrough film for the special effects industry, which was unthinkable ten years ago. Thanks to motion capture technologies and virtual studio production, all the effects could be observed in real-time, right during filming: for example, on the set, the character is on the platform, and in the frame, you can already see how the hero cuts the water abyss astride a sea monster. 

But, as it already noted, a lot of “live” sets were built for filming. The fiery ring for battles and the armory genuinely created, and the model of the vast sunken ship galleon was underwater in the pool. During filming, the scenery of the Russian submarine had to place in the water. But the film’s artist Bill Brzeski is incredibly proud of the Temple of the Dead King, where the ruler Atlas sits on the throne and clutches the legendary trident in his cold hands. Brzeski made a huge pyramidal cave, dug by passages, with a large dome – it looks impressive!

By the way, Sicily, where the battle of superheroes and villains is taking place, was also filmed at the Australian studio Village Roadshow Pictures. Entertainer Brzeski has built a cozy Italian town right in the backyard! The prototype of this beauty was a real settlement in Sicily called Erice. There were also overseas business trips: in Italy and Morocco, videographers collected material for picturesque backgrounds. 

Artist Kim Barrett was in charge of the costumes: scales are the main element of all underwater clothing.

But, as they say, showiness requires sacrifice: the leading roles, Jason Momoa and Amber Heard complained about their outfits’ inconvenience. Heard was always interfered with by a tight corset, especially when performing tricks. Straightforward Momoa lamented that it was difficult to go to the restroom in a suit. The final armor of the sea lord Aquaman has a gold top that was 3D printed. And the vast big-eyed helmet of Black Manta was made entirely of foam rubber. Otherwise, it would not be easy to move in it due to the weight. 

The relationships that prevailed on the set are also impressive. Since at the beginning of the film, Jason Momoa’s character is an outcast, and a heavy drinker, director James Wang advised him to get drunk. The actor got used to the role so much that he not only drank abundantly but also became for some time a more emotional and sensitive person. His partner Amber Heard said that Momoa was unbearable at times and once even tore out several pages from her book, which the artist preferred to read in her free time. Despite the small troubles, a warm atmosphere reigned in the team, the well-coordinated work of which we are pleased to see on the big screens.

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