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New generation pop icon: Billie Eilish style 

The young star is only 18, but she is considered one of the most successful singers not only among her peers. After the release of his debut album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” Billie Eilish has become a world-class celebrity and has gained widespread popularity. Also, the girl made a real revolution in the fashion world: adolescents repeat her images, and eminent designers offer cooperation how the singer’s career began, as well as clear about her style – further in the article. 

Biography of Billie Eilish 

Billie Eilish O’Connell was born in 2001 in a small town near Los Angeles – Highland Park. She and her older brother Finneas did not go to school for a day but received homeschooling. Billy sang in the choir, danced, and at the age of 11, she began composing songs. She recorded her first track “party favor lyrics” with her brother. The song received many SoundCloud streams, and the music video for the debut track has over 198 million views. Billy presented her first mini-album “Don’t Smile At Me” in March 2017. Her work became more and more recognizable thanks to the original sound, as well as the beautiful and expressive voice. 

The worldwide popularity and commercial success of the girl was brought by the studio album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”, Which immediately after its release topped the Billboard 200, as well as several British charts. Party favor lyrics, dark but melodic sound and generally mysterious image made Billie Eilish a teen idol. In 2019, she managed to go on a world tour, and also became the headliner of the significant American Coachella festival. 

Oversized – new chic: 

Billie Eilish style Billy is known for her preference for baggy and tight-fitting clothing. In an ad for Calvin Klein, she explains her style by not wanting her figure and body to be the subject of comparison and media discussion. Perhaps the singer has proved to the whole world that one can be famous and successful without revealing and sexy outfits 🙂 Love for “oversize” is also manifested when choosing solar accessories: Billy often wears massive glasses. In the photo below, her look is complemented by a square piece in blue, which closely resembles Furla’s SFU239.

The singer also loves to experiment, combining the incongruous: various prints, styles and a large number of jewellery. Most often, Billie Eilish prefers bright colours, and in one of her interviews, she said that she likes to stand out from the crowd thanks to her style. If you also want to add some bright colours to your looks, take a closer look at the yellow Ray-Ban RB3547N sunglasses, which the singer chose for one of her releases. 

Only massive retro-style accessories can be better than massive additions! For this look, Billie Eilish chose the classic version – “aviators” in white frames, which were popular among musicians of the 80s. If you also want to reincarnate with similar glasses, we recommend paying attention to the Dior designer model DIORULTIME1.

Billie Eilish doesn’t follow trends; she creates them! The singer has not only brought into fashion “oversized” but also narrow glasses with a mono lens and transparent frames. Such an unusual accessory has already appeared in the collections of many youth brands. If you and yourself want a similar product, we advise you to take a closer look at the Versace VE2205.


A comfortable and practical style of clothing can look sophisticated even at the leading music award of the year. The young star went to the stage for the awards in an oversized suit with green inserts, which is still at the peak of popularity this season. Billie Eilish style is impossible to imagine without comfortable sports shoes, which the girl pays special attention to. The singer complements the massive sneakers in leather with sports accessories. The girl continues to record musical hits and delight fans with her original outfits. This look can be supplemented with chunky sole Windsor Smith sneakers and an original backpack.

At the prestigious 2020 Grammy Awards, Billie Eilish wins five nominations at once, automatically breaking the record for the youngest female performer ever to receive an award. If you still don’t know who Billie Eilish is, it’s time to get to see the idol of millions of young people. The famous singer attracts attention not only with her creativity but also with her original style – a frequent change of hair colour, baggy clothes and a special love for accessories. This does not prevent Billy from reaching the top of stylishly dressed stars and wearing branded merch. Billie Eilish is already considered a style icon, whose images are copied by fans all over the world.


In everyday life, the winner of prestigious music awards prefers loose pants with a voluminous top. Tractor-soled women’s sneakers and an abundance of jewellery create the original Billie Eilish style. Merch in the form of a voluminous silver backpack, Panama or bandana that can attract the close attention of others are the main components of the images of a young California resident. Choose outfits in classic shades and deliberately broad cuts that are easily accentuated by trendy sneakers in a variety of prints and décor.


Breaking all fashion standards, the young singer creates her style of Billie Eilish. The biography of the famous singer leaves its mark on the choice of clothes and following fashion trends. Being in a creative atmosphere from birth, Billie Eilish loves to experiment with style, combining several directions at the same time. Cargo pants, oversized sweatshirt stylishly coexist with higher trainers and a belt bag in a metallic shade. Billy loves to attract attention with original combinations in clothes.


The American performer allows herself a real shocking in every way, choosing interesting combinations with clothes of bright colours. Create a look in one colour by selecting outfits in summer shades – light green, yellow, orange. Great options would be to pair with trekking sneakers or boots in a rich hue, in addition to a bag or multifunctional backpack. Fashionable sports art combined with urban accents will create a practical base for city exits.

In her images, the young singer prefers personal convenience and comfort. The owner of a unique voice, many music awards and her vision of fashion trends, she shows by her example how to create realistic looks, paying particular attention to the choice of comfortable shoes.

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