What Is Human Resource Management?

Human resource management is one of the strategic approaches which is applied for better governance in the workplace. As the word suggests, it means the management of human resources or, in lay man’s language, people. HR services are there to maximize employee performance for the growth and betterment of the company.

When it comes to HR services, the following includes:

  • Payroll administration: It includes producing cheques, handling taxes, & also dealing with sick leave and vacation time.
  • Employee benefits: It includes health, medical, life insurance, and cafeteria plans too.
  • Human Resource management: it includes recruiting, hiring, and also firing. This also includes background interviews, exit interviews, and salary reviews as well.
  • Risk management includes workers’ compensation, any dispute resolution, regular safety inspection, making sure office policies are appropriately regulated, and rules handbooks.


So basically, we can conclude that Human resources managers work includes

  • Planning and coordinate
  • direct the administrative functions of the particular organization
  • oversee the recruiting which may consist of interviewing and also hiring of new staff
  • It also includes consulting with top executives on strategic planning; they also serve as a link between the organization’s management body and its employees.
  • They may solve the internal issue in the company related to employees or departments.
  • Once the employees are recruited, the next step is to provide them with job skills training, such as giving knowledge about specific software, Training on communication for clients, and team-building activities like fun and learning activities. It also works on Policy and legal Training, such as workplace sexual harassment training and the newly recruited staff’s ethics training.

How Is The Career In Human Resource Management?

Human Resources is one of the most rewarding career fields. It is filled with growth and learning. For many people, a “good career” means a combination of strong employment growth, ample advancement opportunities, and high job satisfaction. The best part about being in HR service is it had different kinds of levels.

Levels as follows

  • Entry-level generalist positions are often titled human resource/personnel assistant and support the whole department’s work—for example, Human Resource assistant, etc.
  • Specialist: they usually work for larger companies and have specific technical knowledge and skills—for example, human resource manager, human resource department head, etc.


So, here we can conclude that HR service is one of the crucial and essential aspects of any organization. A lot of people don’t recognize and appreciate their work. But we should remember that if a company has a poor human resource manager, they will not survive for much longer. The organization’s overall goal is that the organization receives success with the help of its Human Resource. The whole profession requires excellent communication skills, management skills, knowledge of social psychology as well. Making sure every rule of the company is being followed by all the employees, which includes Discipline process policy, Vacation time policy, Dress code, Ethics policy, and also Internet usage policy.


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