Benefits of IPL Home Treatments

If you’ve heard of IPL treatments in the past, they were likely referred to as being in the context of a medical spa or beauty clinic. Although pricey, IPL (intense pulsed light,) has quickly become a popular alternative to laser hair removal.

Through the technology of light therapy, IPL removes unwanted body hair by destroying the hair follicles, leaving you with silky and smooth results. It is a treatment that is suitable for those of all different skin types, like those with medium skin tones and dark hair.

There are many different forms of hair removal techniques that can be done in the comfort of your own home. For example, waxing and threading are two forms of hair removal that have been traditionally done in a salon, however, brands now make the necessary tools and equipment to do those treatments on your own without having to visit a professional.

When it comes to IPL home treatments, brands such as RoseSkinCo are making that possible to do at an incredibly affordable price. The RoseSkinCo™ IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset device allows customers to perform their laser hair removal without having to go to an actual professional.

The device is easy to use and works quickly to give you the results you are looking for. There are many advantages to doing an IPL home treatment.

For one, laser hair removal devices aren’t too much of an expense compared to if you were going to continually get your treatments done by an aesthetician. With a device, you pay one price and are able to give yourself the proper amount of treatments you need to achieve your desired results.

Not to mention, rather than having to schedule and wait for appointments with a professional, having your own personal device cuts down your waiting time immensely.

If you are concerned about the cleanliness of going to a professional to get IPL done, you won’t have to worry about that when you have your own handset. The handset is yours only and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that only you’ve been using it.

The RoseSkinCo™ IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset device particularly comes with a universal plug making your handset something that is easy to take with you on the go.

Again, rather than having to wait to get your treatments done professionally, you have the convenience of being able to do your IPL home treatment whenever you would like.
Another capability that you have when using the RoseSkinCo™ IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset is that you can use it on any body part where you want to get rid of unwanted hair. You don’t have to worry about feeling any pain or discomfort, especially if you are one with sensitive skin.

Results are quick to see and by your 4th week of treatment, you’ll already start to notice little to no hair. By week 12, you’ll only need touch-ups, which may not even be necessary depending on your results.

The team at RoseSkinCo has worked to create a device that will satisfy their customers who all have different needs. If you are interested in doing your own IPL home treatment, their device gives you the option to.

Their handset is certified safe to use and has a warranty so that if it stops working within a year, it can easily be replaced.

If you have any more questions about IPL home treatments, the device, or about IPL in general, you can always reach out to their team. Feel free to contact them by emailing

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