How To Earn Money Online Without Investment

Today’s topic is a topic that is very close to my heart when I was in school, I was one of those students that are very Very very, I mean very disciplined. I knew what I came to school to do and I was doing it right. I thought maybe when I graduate I’m going to get the best of life, if I get good results I did.

Well, I got a good result only for me to come out from school And you know, the first thing that I was faced with the first thing I was faced with was first job hunting. I job hunted job hunted like i job hunted are you In this place with me. Were you ever in this kind of situation?

Your baby girl us has figured it out and I’m going to give you points and ways you can use and kill it And not be in this situation you will have a job that is fulfilling and you can live the life of your dream. One of the things I found out is that Most of the courses we do in schools are already redundant, nobody needs it. The labor market has moved way past it. so even if you even for example You are the best in the course you graduated with the best results, the labor market does not need you, so the labor market is not going to pay you even if they pay you.

They are Going pay you peanuts, for example Just imagine if you’re a lantern maker in this world today that the world has moved to bulb and you’re making lanterns Nobody will patronize that labour market will not even give you money. So the best thing is learn how to make bulb instead of learning how to make lanterns because lanterns will not favour you.

So number one point on the list is affiliate marketing And a lot of people have said a lot of things about affiliate marketing but still the best way to go and see number one on the list because Affiliate marketing gives you the right to sell other people’s products at your convenience online or at home or anywhere you are.

You are your own boss the way to go about it is first sign an agreement with the company And upload a marketing credit so you can market it at any platform that you are comfortable with. For example your social media Or you can do it face to face tell people about it. One of the problems I’ve found with affiliate marketing is that most people give up give up at the first try they will just upload it few times and will be like nobody wants to buy.

Everything you do in this life. Don’t be deceived. You require skills require the necessary skills. Maybe you’ve not learnt enough to do the marketing because marketing is also Something people go to school to learn. So you take your time keep on uploading it wake up and show up one day when the market stops.

Starts coming up when the market starts responding to you be surprised and be amazed And it’s just because of the consistency and the persistence that you’ve put in it. The next point on the list is learn marketable skills. When I need marketable skills, I mean skills that can actually convert to money that can actually convert to cash example skills that you can learn is digital marketing Content writing, web and app development.

These skills are one of the hottest skill in the market now when you dedicate your time your data As your resources example your laptop or your phone. Within three to six months you become an expert that can be hired by companies You can just sell your skills to them and with time set if you know what you are doing. You can even package your skills and sell on platforms likeudemy or skillshare And if you are doing well enough and still have the dedication in you you can start blogs and vlogs and also hel others to learn the same skills that you know.

You can also market your skills on platforms like fiverr Or upwork so you see it’s money money all the way next point on. This is cryptocurrency. Mind you this involves a game of patience and tactics. A lot of people think cryptocurrencies is a scam. Cryptocurrency is just like your paper money that you use investing in their platform. Hoping that when you value their currency appreciate you get a good return on your investment. So let’s go and get this money then go and get it. Then the last point of this please for today is savings and investment.

This here has helped me so much in this life, it has helped me so much. platform I know I use is piggyvest. They’ve been here for three years and I don’t believe they are going anywhere anytime soon. So you can use you can invest with them So I’ll leave a link below in case if you want to sign in and use their platform. They give 10 – 45 percent interest depending on whether you want to do savings or Investment.

If there are other ways you think people can make money because it pains me so much so much when youths stay at home or languish or involve themselves in yahoo and fraud. Thinking there are no verified and valid opportunities that they can use to make legit money but there are ways please comment below you might be helping somebody.

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