10 Tips to Reduce Stress for Exams and Job Interviews

In the 21st century; it is no secret that one disease, common to all, is gradually taking over the world and causing chaos all over. That disease is not a viral or bacterial infection, in fact, that disease is STRESS.

Ask away any individual and they will tell you that they are stressed out or that they are under severe stress. Excessive stress that continues for long terms causes other illnesses like anxiety, depression, thereby affecting our physical health as well. Chronic Stress can lead to gastrointestinal complications, high blood pressure and even heart attacks and strokes.

Why are humans under constant stress nowadays? With the rising competition and pressure in both professional and academic life, people cannot help but experience extreme levels of stress. However, you as a stressed-out individual can counter stress by indulging yourself in some activities and following a few tips.


Check Out The 10 Tips You Can Use To Reduce Stress For Exams As Well As Job Interviews As You Please! 1

  1. Prepare Yourself in the Best Way Possible. 1
  2. Listen to Classical Music for Stress Relief 2
  3. Avoid Too Much Processed Food. 2
  4. Get the Adequate Amount of Sleep. 2
  5. Exercise and Do Yoga. 2
  6. Use an Object for Distraction. 2
  7. Avoid Depending on Any Kind of Drugs. 2
  8. Recall Some Humorous Situations. 3
  9. Keep Yourself Hydrated. 3
  10. Imagine Role Play in Your Mind. 3

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Check Out The 10 Tips You Can Use To Reduce Stress For Exams As Well As Job Interviews As You Please!


1.    Prepare Yourself in the Best Way Possible

Normally, we tend to stress out over situations when we feel like we are not prepared enough. While most people try their best to prepare themselves before an exam or an interview, they will not admit that they also fell prey to the heinous plague of procrastination.

Instead of making a timetable, make a To-Do List and prioritise your tasks. Adhering to a timetable is next to impossible, but you can adhere to a To-Do List and complete the tasks according to their priority level.

The list will help you in preparing better. In your To-Do List, you can mention which chapters you have to study or which questions you need to practice for your interview. Most of the writers working for dissertation writing services also prioritise the chapters as per the client’s requirement and make a To-Do List instead of following a strict outline or timetable.

2.    Listen to Classical Music for Stress Relief

Music is helpful in relieving stress, especially Classical Music. While each person has their own preference when it comes to music genres, classical music helps in releasing cortisol and cortisone in your body, thus reducing stress physically. It helps in clearing your mind and uplifts your mood as well.

3.    Avoid Too Much Processed Food

Processed food especially fast food can be heavy on your stomach and disrupt your digestion. It affects your metabolism and stores up as fat in your body and does not provide you with any real energy.

Go easy on your stomach and try healthy food instead. An upset stomach causes mood swings and unease, hence leading to an increased level of stress.

It is understandable that we usually resort to fast food and other unhealthy foods due to shortage of time, but with the right time of planning and research, you can improve your diet and hence manage your stress level.

4.    Get the Adequate Amount of Sleep

Sleep is essential to allow our bodies to recover and recharge. We are all guilty of compromising on our sleep schedule to take out time for other necessary tasks. However, when our bodies do not get the adequate amount of sleep, we are not able to function well and complete our tasks anyway.

Sleep deprivation causes other health issues as well and most of all, it increases our stress levels. A good night’s sleep can help you feel fresh, energetic and much more enthusiastic, thereby making you well prepared to battle the following day’s task!

5.    Exercise and Do Yoga

Exercising and Yoga are two things that everybody recommends. They help you in battling and reducing stress and anxiety in an effective manner. Most people who spend an hour of exercise daily reported much higher levels of satisfaction.

An hour is difficult to manage everyday so you can instead try to squeeze in 10-15 minutes and work your way to more time. It may seem difficult at first but you can download some exercise or yoga apps and work around a few minutes every day. If there are too many assignments to do, hand them out to an best assignment writing service uk instead.

6.    Use an Object for Distraction

To avoid being overwhelmed by stressful thoughts, you can use an object to distract yourself such as a fidget spinner or a pen. They may seem minor but they have a huge influence in decreasing your stress levels.

7.    Avoid Depending on Any Kind of Drugs

By drugs, we do not mean just illegal drugs like heroin, cocaine or methamphetamine. Drugs include recreational drugs as well as medical drugs as you can become addicted to them. Addiction causes even more stress in the long run as the cravings keep on increasing.

8.    Recall Some Humorous Situations

Laughter is the best medicine they say. It is true indeed, humour can greatly reduce your stress and even work towards reducing your anxiety and depression.

When you feel extremely stressed out, remember some funny situations that made you laugh before and distract yourself from the prevalent stress.

9.    Keep Yourself Hydrated

Water makes up more than 50% of our body. It serves as an essential component of our diet and helps in relieving stress as well. You should always keep a bottle of water with you and be sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Drinking water also helps you re-concentrate on the situation and let you control the situation, instead of the stress controlling you.

10. Imagine Role Play in Your Mind

Most of us tend to stress out when we feel as if we are worthless and not up to the mark. If you simply consider the interviewer as a human instead of something superhuman, you will feel more relaxed. You can imagine that you are the interviewer or examiner and how you would perceive the candidate or what decisions you would make.

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