Battery Damage – Tips for Buying a Replacement Laptop battery

Replacing a Laptop Battery

Usually, the most laptop has 1 to 2 years of battery life and is approximately equal to 400 recharges and subsequent to this time, it starts defecting, and its run time begins to decline. When the battery does not serve its drive, it needs a replacement. But what tips and tactics to follow when there is a replacement battery?



It is significant if you have access to the exact electrical energy as the laptop battery you dispose. A greater or lower voltage has a damaging impact on the internal components of your computer or, in some cases, even burn it at the very least.


The wattage characteristic regulates the energy required by the laptop. The battery life is longer when the laptop has a greater capacity of a watt-hour.

mAh (Milliamperes)

This determines the quantity of power of a battery pack through voltage and amperes scores. To have a battery life of about 3 to 4 years, you need to obtain a 4000 mAh power battery.

Compatible and Universal Replacement Batteries:

Compatible batteries

With such batteries, the replacements have identical specs as well as brand as the OEM. Though their pricing varies, these batteries are sold at much more economical prices, and they also go through safety criteria. They often have similar parts as in OEM. However, settling for any battery when it’s a case of replacement can have a negative impact on your laptop, and its AC adapter – a replacement battery of 3-inch Toshiba may never be able to function properly with that of a battery slot of 2-inch by Dell.

Universal batteries

This type of battery is more generic and an exterior one, which implies that it can work with various laptop brands and models. They have several features and sizes. They come with several pin sizes to fit the charger of the laptop. This way, users have a choice to pick from what suits them and what is more compatible with their device. They are manufactured by a third party devoid of a particular brand and compatibility.

So, it’s your choice in the end what you prefer depending on what suits you, and what goes with your gadget.

Manufacturing date:

You need to be more attentive to the manufacturing date of your laptop battery. As stated, the batteries of laptops and notebooks have a maximum of 2 years of life span and shelf life. A replacement battery with the usage of 18+ months is not a good choice to buy purchase and certainly a waste of your money.


Laptop batteries are expensive and thus be careful while purchasing a replacement battery. Always purchase batteries with a warranty of at least 1 year. Avoid buying a battery that offers a warranty of fewer than 3 months. Most of the batteries start drain after 4 to 5 months whats why to try go for a long-lasting warranty battery.

Charging tips:

When you purchase a new laptop or a new replacement battery, always charge it prior to using it. Never keep the AC adapter plugged in when using it is in intensive use. It may cause chemical reactions, which decreases the capacity of the battery to hold more charges.


Whether you’re composing a research project, instructing a class, working on research, or simply searching the web, you need the correct laptop with a powerful battery to meet your requirements and budget. Apparently, the laptop or notebook battery replacement and shopping procedure may sound to be confounding since there are various models accessible in several sizes, with different operating systems, features, laptop battery life, and an extensive price range. So, go for a replacement of your laptop’s battery after keeping in view the above mentioned helpful tips.

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