Setting up Facebook shops for selling products – a brief guide

Let’s ask business owners if they sell any physical products? If they wish to sell through social media, do they wonder how they can use it to sell their stuff? They have nothing to worry about because ehre they will learn how to:

  • Set up an online shop on Facebook.
  • Using commerce manager to add products to that shop.
  • Promoting products within that shop.

These business owners will also get to discover whether the business is a good fit for Facebook Shops or not. In order to learn how to set up a Facebook shop, here is something they should know.

Facebook shops – What are they?

Facebook page shops and Instagram profile shops have existed for quite some time. As per the social media manager job description: the latest restatement marks the most monumental changes that impact a lot of small and medium sized businesses (SMBs).

On a historic footing, Facebook shops were often focused towards online retail stores selling products. Today, Facebook has decided to expand the tools for businesses based on services and digital products. The most evident change is the build-out of a full end-to-end commerce network.

The said platform offers businesses and business owners (including their personnel) the tools for promotion, sales, conversion, marketing, customer support and the like. SMBs can go completely native and set up a complete online shopping experience without any cost on Facebook Shops.

In addition, Facebook messenger app has made the strategic decision to continue partnering and expanding its relationships with third-party eCommerce tools like Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and a lot more. This is indeed great news for many a businessperson out there.

Let us now have a key look at five key new features of the latest recurrence of Facebook Shops:

  • A Unified single shop presence across the complete Facebook Universe of apps and services: This includes Facebook, Instagram Stories, ads, Messenger and WhatsApp.
  • A seamless checkout experience: Facebook stores the user’s credit card number and some needed details when they have made a purchase there.
  • A real-time shopping experience on both Facebook and Instagram: This feature alone has massive potential. Just think of it as Home Shopping Network meeting Facebook and Instagram live.
  • Augmented Reality (AR): Let the audience try on items such as lipstick, shades, makeup and shoes. Or even better, letting them use their mobile device to preview items in the real world. This feature is going to help increase conversions for small and medium businesses (SMBs).
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Facebook will be able to automatically identify and tag your products in photos. People will be able to relate to product images in Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Those who already have a shop on Facebook or Instagram, their shop will automatically update to the new Facebook Shops. They can either get a notification, an email or both from Facebook.

Deciding whether this makes sense for their business or not

Problem is Facebook Shops are not a suitable fit for every business present around. Before business owner enter this domain, and try setting up the business on the platform; its time to see who should and should not be using the new Facebook shops.

This option is a good option for the business if and only if

  • The business often sells physical products.
  • They are new to online commerce.
  • They have a third-party shop such as Shopify or BigCommerce. They can easily connect their catalog and try reaching new audiences on both Facebook and Instagram.
  • They have already been either advertising or promoting, or both, on Facebook or Instagram (or both).

In such cases, there are clear benefits for the target audience. They can get a seamless shopping experience. When such is available, they can try real-time shopping on both Facebook and Instagram Live.

But on the other hand, they should not set up a Facebook shop if the businesses sell digital products and/or services and nothing else. However, they can have a change of situation. However, those who prefer to have complete control over their online store and wish to stick with their own merchant account (or Shopify), then Facebook shops will not work for them.

Businesses can give a try to Facebook Shops to help increase their sales and reach a wider audience to earn more money.

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