What to do at the end of tenancy to get your full deposit back?

When you are living on rent, then there are some problems you have to face, such as the end of tenancy cleaning. At the time of moving, you have to handover your place in a neat condition. So, the next renter can have a quality living without much work. If you do not do that, then the landlord has the right to deduct some or the full amount from your deposit. That’s why this post is written. It will help you do the end of tenancy cleaning Uxbridge. So, keep reading further. It will help you in the future.

Let’s dive into the detail!

Guidelines for end of tenancy cleaning Uxbridge

If you follow these tips, then you will never have a problem getting your full deposit back. The detail is below.

Check every room walls for marks

During living in an apartment or a house, there are many things that leave marks on walls. That’s why you have to spot them before the landlord. So, deeply inspect every wall and find out every spot. After that, you must take spray paint and repaint that section of the wall. It will not cost you much. But it will clear everything.

Check the kitchen for damage and repair it

During your tenure, you may have damaged some things in the kitchen. So, spot them and repair them. After that, super clean insides of kitchen cabinets. Then, move to worktops and wash them with quality soap.

Check ceilings of every room and remove spider webs and stains

Now, it’s time to focus on ceilings. It will always be a dirty job. You have to take a long broom and remove all spider webs. After that, carefully inspect ceilings for any stains. If there is any, then paint that section with a paintbrush.

Vacuum and mop all floors

After moving your stuff, there will always be dirt and dust in every room. For that, you must use a vacuum to remove it. It will take a few hours. After that, you must take a wet towel and mop the floor. It will convert your floor into a shining one.

Toilets and bathrooms

Completely wash all bathrooms with quality detergents. Use a disinfectant in all toilets. After that, spray some fragrance in them. It will produce a pleasing effect for the new mover.


Handles and cabinets

Take a sponge and scrub all handles in your place. After that, you must let them dry. Now, for cabinets, you must remove everything and clean them all. For that, you can also use a vacuum.


If the owner handed you carpets, then you must use a professional service for cleaning them. A simple vacuuming will never do that job. You will always have objections.

Wrap up

Use the above procedure for the end of tenancy cleaning Uxbridge. It will satisfy your owner and you will get a full deposit in your hand. If you cannot do it all by yourself, then hire an extra pair of hands. Have a great day.

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