What Kind Of Protection You Get From PPE Kits Amid Covid-19? Are PPE 100% Safe Against Covid-19?

Due to coronavirus outbreaks, there are many personal protective equipment (PPE Kits) products such as face masks, face shields, gloves, goggles, head cover, shoe cover, and footwear that have come to light to keep people safe and protected from the infectious virus COVID-19.

The CDC has recommended wearing face masks and washing your hands frequently to reduce the spread of coronavirus. There are many masks available in the market such as N95 respirator masks, KN95 respirator, disposable mask, & clothing masks that help to prevent the people who have COVID-19 from spreading the virus to others. Doctors and Nurses, who have been continuously fighting against the coronavirus pandemic for long hours, need to wear personal protection equipment kits (PPE kits).

The Personal Protective Equipment or PPE Kit is an important protective element that protects us from infection viruses. Medical professionals or healthcare workers use personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect themselves against the coronavirus; even normal people are also using PPE Kit for their protection and safety as they have to resume their work. PPE kits are safety essentials, not only protect health professionals such as doctors, nurses, etc. but also help minimize the spread of deadly disease reaching others. COVID-19 has rapidly transformed the global PPE market, increasing demand worldwide and causing severe supply shortages. Some people who are traveling by flights or trains for long journeys are also using the kit for their extra protection.

If you want to buy PPE kit, then you should know what is there in PPE kit and how to wear them properly we get full protection against COVID-19.

Face Mask

Face mask act as a simple barrier and helps prevent the infection from spreading to the others and prevents large droplets and splashes emitted from coughing, sneezing, or touching the face. There are 3 types of masks, N95 mask, KN95, and disposable mask.

Clean your hands properly before and after wearing and removing PPE kits using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Hand Gloves

For the general public, wearing hand gloves is not necessary but you can wear it when you have to go out to buy essentials or while traveling. Gloves prevent exposure to the skin with infectious bacteria and viruses. Gloves protect patients as well as prevent caregivers from spreading germs to exposed skin. During this COVID-19 epidemic, it ensures the safety, and hand hygiene of health workers in the workplace.

Follow the steps suggested by the CDC for wearing and removing gloves and replace them if they tear.

PPE Goggles/ Face Shields

The virus is most likely to enter through the mouth or nose, but they can also enter through the eyes thus we need full protection. Use protective eyewear such as Face shield or goggles to protect your eyes from blood and virus droplets that may enter the body through the mucous membrane.

Don’t forget to disinfect the goggles with an alcohol-based sanitizer after and before using it.


Doctors and nurses use gown and aprons to protect themselves from people who have a fever or acute respiratory symptoms.

In general, most PPE is designed to be used only one time and expected to be disposed of properly. But some of the protective equipment such as goggles may be reused if the user follows decontamination methods in the product labeling. But some protective equipment such as masks, gloves, head covering, etc. should not be re-used. However, N95 masks are effective masks and can filter up to 95% of air particles. You can also use KN95 protective mask as it works similarly and can provide you protection against the Covid-19.

Yes, the PPE will protect you against the virus but nothing can give you a 100% safe guarantee as long as you’re following the standard protocols while putting on and taking off the suit. Please keep in mind that even though a PPE is being worn successfully, but the incorrect way of removal and disposal of contaminated PPEs can expose the wearer and others to infectious viruses. Are you looking for a KN95 face mask and other safety essentials? We can buy PPE kits and KN95 mask in stock for your future use.

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