Top Mobile App Marketing Trends in 2020 

Covid-19 has brought some of the disheartening evolution that might take years to heal. With each passing day, increasing unemployment, crashing of the companies and cost-cutting became so common that it eventually destroyed the core essence of the market. The situation of industries like rail, travel and hospitality suffered the most. However, many of the sectors showed potential interest in investing in various digital marketing sectors. It is because of the pandemic that many of the traditional and typical forms of communication gained considerable popularity. There is a great rise in the admiration of trending  Mobile App development companies which offered top-notch mobile app development services at affordable prices. 

Even the huge corporate sectors relied on typical channels such as Facebook messenger, Chatbots, Whatsapp, Snapchat or Instagram in order to fulfil the instant demands of the customers. As now only a few months are left in 2020, people have started to review and evaluate the accomplished goals, productivity and mobile app marketing trends of 2020. This article briefly talks about the various mobile app marketing trends of 2020; you can read this article for further details. 

Emerging Mobile App Marketing Trends of 2020

Check out the common yet attractive mobile app marketing trends of 2020 that have considerably gained popularity even in this tough time of the pandemic. Have a look!


5G is all set to enhance your life

With 4G losing its essence because of overuse and overburdening of the network and functionalities, 5G is all set to surprise you. The idea is to eliminate all the tech glitches that 4G included and also add up or multiply the power of 4G in order to grant top quality services without any chaos. The renowned app development companies have already begun to create a blueprint for better utilization of 5G. It is expected that 5G would grant 10x reduction in end to end latency. This would eventually be a beneficial factor for multiplayer. Granting cloud-based gaming experience would also exclude the connectivity issues and enhance the gaming experience. Faster downloading of apps, attractive gaming packages and connectivity assurance are some of its highlights. 

Apart from that less buffering tenure, responsive delivery of services, amazing and astonishing updates and up-gradation would harness the performance of apps. Also, for cloud-based apps, 5G would grant astonishing and impressive productivity, including low id costs and better security. With the help of 5G, one can easily integrate with various cloud-hosted technologies, as a result of which one can enjoy better connectivity and efficient functionality. Problems like low device storage, threats of security breaches and issues like data loss would be eliminated entirely.


The relevance of feedback and ratings of the app store:

The digitally enriched world secures a separate place for waiting and ranking and feedback. Nowadays, people do like to scrutinize and evaluate the accrual productivity of their time and effort. Maybe this is what has led to the emerging popularity of feedback and rating. Once an app is uploaded on the app store, it receives a number of critical reviews, comments and feedback. Even the foremost step to cope up with the online market is to read its reviews, comments or feedback. Whether it is buying a cloth, booking a hotel, ordering food or downloading any app, checking out the reviews and feedback is the new trend. 


Enriched security practices:

We often come across many cases of cyber crime which leads to breach and misuse of data. It is because of over enhancement of technology that has escalated recent changes in the various legislative policies related to personal records. The recent development of technology has led to the point of compliance with legislation, but the real question is are they tenacious enough?

Generally, the users do grant their data access, though all they demand is the security and protection of their data. 


Significance of Augmented reality and Virtual reality:

The latest trend called AR and VR have escalated the user’s expectation and enhanced the user experience. The arena of AR and VR appears to be extensively vast and impressive. Whether it is the shopping of clothes or interior designing for your home or any travel app, you can simply disseminate critical information. Even the various transaction applications do include great AR and VR features to ensure customer satisfaction. 


Transactions via mobile applications:

The increasing popularity of mobile applications has let to a point when we can easily process the various day to day transactions on our mobile apps. There are different forms of transactions such as financial management service subscriptions and much more. It is normal to think twice before any subscription, e-commerce, money transfer, banking or any other. In this type of circumstances, all you need to know are specific essential points such as type of transaction, ways to proceed with the transaction and the features of the app. 

The article briefly talks about the various emerging mobile app marketing trends of 2020. 

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