Upcoming Tech Trends That Will Change Your Way of Living

Businesses around the world are accelerating as a combination of changes in technology and society meeting up. A portion of these progressions are worldwide others affect us on a personal level. Most of them have a huge impact on our business and day to day activities. Discover what the up and coming trends in technology are in the year 2020.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is booming like anything. With the arrival of e-commerce websites like “Amazon” and “Flipkart”, people have gotten used to shopping on their phones by means of natural applications and mobile-friendly websites. You no longer have to manually enter your credit card details and shipping details the first occasion when you shop at another online store. The bricks and mortar retail is slowly deteriorating with the advent of Apple Pay and Google Wallet. On the off chance that you need a see of what life would resemble in a completely money and cardless world bounce on a plane to any major Chinese city. In China, you won’t go far if you are still stuck in the cash system. The utilization of Alipay and WeChat has made life more straightforward. Additionally, the QR code is generally used in China for a wide range of payments.

Prescriptive Analysis

It’s the final stage of Business analytics. Prescriptive analytics is to a lesser degree a crystal gazer and all the more a medical doctor. Until now, analytics tools have been mostly focused on both descriptive and predictive applications. This implies they would consider verifiable information to be better arranged and represented to allow for a better understanding of the changes that have occurred and for information to be used to make predictions about future events and behaviour. However, prescriptive analysis tweaks certain variables to achieve the best possible result and afterward endorses that game-plan. It has just observed the application in the oil and gas industry just as medical services.

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