10 Tips for Improving Website User Convenience

“KISS YOUR CUSTOMERS IF WANT THEM BACK” – If you want your customers to come back, kiss them.

While reading ‘Call To Action’, an overseas web analysis book, we discovered the above interesting topics. What was introduced was about website design and simplicity.

  • Protect your page load times

A great site will load the page in less than 10 seconds. Remember that no one waits more than 30 seconds to see a page. Do you want your website to be visible to everyone? Still, many people use 56k modems and maintain a resolution of 800×600. They don’t even know they can upgrade the resolution or speed of the internet.

  • Highlight text clearly

Website visitors are the first to look for relevant texts rather than graphics. You can also hold videos, photos, flash, and more until they load. It is recommended to use visual media only when textual expression is insufficient. It is also important to keep it simple and reduce the loading speed.

  • Provide a simple and consistent navigation

As a website owner, on average, you want to see 2-3 pages per visit. The interest of the content may be related, but navigation also has a great influence. We need to be able to get our visitors where they want, as quickly as possible.

  •  Respect web standards

The blue underline is a hyperlink and it means “click here”. Blue underline should not be used elsewhere to confuse visitors. Navigation links should appear consistently at the top or left of every page, and proper category setting is also important.

  • The better there is no scroll

If scrolling is required, only vertical scrolling should be inserted. There should be absolutely no horizontal scrolling and important information should be shown before being scrolled.

  • Make it clear and clear

You should help make it easy to communicate information to your visitors. The white background has a fast loading speed and the information is clearly displayed. Labels should be concisely explained in phrases that are not confusing. Remember!? Information that cannot be found is no different from nothing.

  • Don’t get lost

Imagine that you are lost while shopping at a hypermarket where there are no signs. Where are the household items? Where is the cashier? Is the bathroom?…

The same goes for the web. There should be easy and convenient navigation on all pages, and the “back” button should be disabled. Don’t wander to find the menu.

  • Internal search terms quickly and accurately

Most consumers cannot use internal search, and the search function cannot provide the results they want to search. But if you are a site where search is important, and if you absolutely need to use it, please provide an introduction to how to search and a search engine that really works.

Customers can be lost if there are too many results or if the search function is not working properly.

  • There are not many visitors who are skilled on the Internet.

Don’t let them download plugins. Most consumers don’t know what it is, and even if they know it, they refuse to use it unless they are familiar with it. From the perspective of the provider, you may think that it is a breakthrough item’, but if there is a download and complicated process, especially in the payment process, you may give up the purchase. The point is to build the payment process using simple, concise explanations, and helpful guide tools.

  • Testing is important

Visitors are always suspicious. Incorrect syntax, screen error messages, images that won’t open, browser compatibility, etc. Everything should be error-free. Because it is directly related to reliability. Don’t neglect to test. A great website’s brand is built on the user’s experience.

Common points to remember recommended by ecommerce web developer Los Angeles:

  • Fast download speed
  • Not many visual media
  • No frames
  • Similar navigation system
  • Highlighted text on wide white background
  • Blue underlined link according to the standard
  • No background image
  • Very little use of JavaScript
  • Do not use DHTML
  • No pop-up page
  • Robust database system

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