Blog Posting Ideas for Your Car Dealership Website

It is safe to say that you are trying to set up a blog for your dealer website, yet you’re stuck on blog entry thoughts? Here’s an elite of blog entry thoughts for your Chevrolet dealership Charlotte blog to kick you off.

1. How to plan a road trip 

Travels are both a wellspring of sentimentality and something to look forward to later on for some. From nibble thoughts to being ready for any car issues, compose a blog entry for your dealership about how to anticipate an excursion! 

2. How to prepare your car for trade-in 

Numerous car proprietors who are looking to buy another car start with trying to sell or exchange their old one. Increment your image mindfulness from the beginning phases of the car purchasing measure. Help your neighborhood customers and the online community set up their trade-in vehicle for exchanging with your own tips and deceives. Besides, when nearby customers see your blog entry, they’re more prone to feel trust and trust in your dealership since they’ll see that you care. 

3. Spring cleaning for your car 

Approach your employees and salespeople for their very own tips on wiping out their cars, and incorporate them into one aggregate blog entry. This is an extraordinary method to work together with your group just as advance any products you sell at your dealership, for example, cleaning supplies and deodorizers. 

4. Meet the staff 

Put continuations to your dealership! Showcasing messages are gotten better when pictures and encounters of genuine people are included. You can separate these blog entries by department, individual, or gather everything into one blog. Add fun realities, cites, or a lot of inquiries for your group to reply! 

5. Vehicle of the week 

Hotshot your car inventory with a blog entry that features a vehicle on your parcel. Make certain to include plenty of pictures and link it back to your car’s VDP. 

6. Virtual visit through your dealership 

Make a short video flaunting your dealership, from your car part, offices, service department, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. For more video showcasing thoughts, click here. 

7. Car news and patterns

Keep your customers and the online community educated on car news and patterns. Show clients and search engines that your Parks Chevrolet Charlotte dealership website is a specialist in the subject of the car business and lift your area authority. 

8. Seasonal car tips

Different seasons can cause different types of issues for car proprietors, including hail damage, day off, cooling issues, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Toward the beginning of each season, have a go at composing a blog entry that traces different approaches to forestall seasonal car issues. 

9. Instructions to fill/change your tires 

This is a quite basic search term for some people, and an extraordinary method to get your dealership name and website out there. This type of blog entry is also one that gets shared regularly by loved ones and via online media. You could even add advancement to the furthest limit of your blog entry by offering one of the services for nothing to any customer. 

10. Visitor sites from customers 

Approach your fulfilled customers for a visitor blog entry or tribute. They can impart their encounters to your dealership, an audit of an ongoing car buy, or suggest their preferred services from your mechanics shop. 

11. Car maintenance tips 

Offer your different car care tips through a progression of blog entries! Instances of blog entries under this class include: 


  • When to get your engine oil changed 
  • Instructions to change your air channel 
  • How regularly to pivot your tires 
  • Getting a maintenance test 
  • Inspecting belts and hoses 
  • Instructions to improve MPG 

12. Dealership news 

Offer your official statements, plans for development, new staff members, specials, deals, and more through your own news outlet, otherwise known as your dealership blog. 

13. Community occasions 

Connect with your neighborhood customers by advancing and taking an interest in community occasions. Since most cars are purchased locally, having a presence in your own community as a dealership is really important. 

14. Renting versus purchasing a new car

To lease another car or to get it is a typical inquiry for some new car buyers. Layout the upsides and downsides of both for your dealership blog. On the off chance that your dealership offers car leases or has an entryway lease site, this is an incredible chance to advance that. 

15. Instructions to customize your car 

From straightforward car customization thoughts from reception apparatus clinchers to car extras, to more intricate customization, for example, tire accents and custom paint jobs, share your thoughts on ways that your customers can make their car their own. Advance your own services and products en route, as well, and mess around with it!

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