Hosting InMotion vs. SiteGround – Which web host is better?

Pros and Cons Hosting InMotion

Usually there are two different types of customer bases that praise the company. It’s either praised by those who joined a couple of months ago, or by more experienced, loyal users who have a long history of hosting there. InMotion is a type of very popular company that is constantly praised by both sides.

Their years of experience in business contributed to their success. It all started in 2001 with two guys, one server and a router. Customer service, billing, service and all business-related tasks were performed by these two people. No investors, no budget to begin with. They started to grow gradually, and eventually it turned into a huge company.

If you start something from scratch, you really have time to understand all the different parts of it. That’s why up to this point they knew exactly how to meet the needs of many different target audiences such as experienced website owners, business owners, bloggers, developers and many others. Today, InMotion also offers a variety of dedicated hosting plans. If you think they’re too expensive, there are various common and VPS plans to choose from.

Currently, the company is one of the largest companies in the industry. People know this as a stable, reliable and affordable solution. Without words, let’s take a look at the best features this provider has to offer!

Pros of InMotion hosting

90-day money back guarantee – InMotion Hosting has a lot of confidence in its services. They offer a 90-day warranty for users who are not satisfied with their plan. With such a long period, you will not be under any pressure. You can run your server and pretty much try out everything that comes with hosting them. If you don’t like it, you can just walk away with your money.

Generous hosting plans – What you usually expect from a web hosting provider is to offer a few unlimited features and then surprise you with an unexpected payment. People usually choose a provider based on whether the unlimited features included in the package meet their website needs. InMotion offers a pretty bargain for its users. You can get these add-ons even by subscribing to their cheapest plan. How good is that? It’s especially good when storing and transmitting data are two things you need most for your site. If you don’t, it won’t make much difference to you.

Cons of InMotion hosting

Expensive scaling – The downside of InMotion Hosting is that their repertoire has expensive and cheap plans, but there is nothing between them. This can be a problem if you start running out of resources and want to move on to the next plan, because you need to invest a much larger budget. We compared the company with other popular in the hosting industry, and it turned out that their prices are above average. However, you should take into account that you get high quality for the price. The only option is to sign up for at least a one-year contract, which is inconvenient for those websites that need the service, only a couple of months. At least they have a fairly long refund period of 90 days. Within 90 days, you can decide whether you can run your website on their server for a long time. It’s a long time to think, but according to the reviews, the prices are already big enough for potential customers to leave.

Limited baseline plans – Their initial plan may not be enough for everyone because it limits the user to a maximum of 2 websites and 2 databases. You may have to move on to the next plan to be able to host more websites, even if you don’t need as many resources yet. This means that plans in InMotion are not entirely balanced for ordinary users, forcing them to spend on unnecessary updates. If you want to create a solid online presence, the basic plan will definitely not last long. Other providers offer basic plans that you can consistently increase your online revenue to the point where you’ll be comfortable updating. This definitely doesn’t apply to InMotion Hosting.

Pros and Cons SiteGround

What SiteGround is trying to prove the most is that they can provide exactly what they promise on their website. There are dozens of hosting providers who are simply unable to deliver on their promises. Once you sign up for their plan, you usually find that you have a variety of discounts and unexpected fees. You can Also Check this best web hosting company.

On SiteGround you can find all types of web hosting packages that work as described.  In addition, there are common, intermediaries, cloud and dedicated hosting plans. They can provide everything that will help your site to go online and develop. Without further ado, let’s look at some of the main aspects of this company that we consider to be the benefits!

 Pros SiteGround

High-speed hosting – Most website owners look for high page download speeds in hosting providers. Because the Internet is full of highly competitive websites, high speed has become a must for anyone who wants to create a solid online presence. There is no other way. Visitors should be able to easily view your content until they find what they want.

If you slow down this process by choosing a slow service, they will simply decide to leave and find it elsewhere. SiteGround is one of the hosting providers that maintain high speed standards. This is mainly due to the numerous data centers created at strategic locations around the world. Once you sign up, you just need to choose the nearest location and you are set up.

Lots of freebies – In addition to a robust hosting plan, SiteGround also provides you with a wide range of free tools and features to help you grow. The company keeps your site’s data safe by creating daily backups. If your website fails and you don’t know why, there’s always the option to go back to the previous version.

The fact that SiteGround licenses cPanel only underlines that they want to make things simple and user-friendly. From time to time, people change suppliers, and cPanel is the control panel they’re probably used to. In addition, they will help you run your site by including free domain and designer sites.

Cons SiteGround

A small disk space for the price – The Company is quite generous with free domain names and databases, which they include in each general plan. They also allow you to run numerous websites for each plan and install a lot of useful software. But as you find out, the disk space they provide you with as part of a shared hosting plan isn’t enough for long-term work.

The rest of the specs are good, but you can’t expect your site to survive long with a baseline that gives you only 10GB of storage. This is a strict limit that can only be exceeded when you go to the next plan. Not to mention that there are several other hosting providers that provide you with unlimited storage in at least one of their base plans.

Prices are rising too high – you can say that SiteGround from time to time offers excellent discounts, and their usual prices are also not too high. However, this is only true for the first year of subscription. After a 12-month subscription, they increase prices significantly, which requires you to invest a lot more in web hosting. Their plans are good for this period, and then we recommend that you renew your subscription only if you are really satisfied with their services.

Price increases are often so painful for businesses and individuals that they mostly switch to another supplier. Thanks to their billing method, you may face unexpected fees when paying for your monthly hosting plan. The advantage of monthly billing is that you can stay whenever you want. Because the contract lasts only 30 days, you don’t have to worry about the extra costs in case your website isn’t ok. Of course, you will find out about it only after leaving the provider.

SiteGround vs. InMotion

Since the founding of InMotion by two guys in 2001, the company has grown significantly.  They don’t just want to expand, they also want to improve. To achieve their goal, they take a different approach and face all the complex elements that make their service profitable for customers.

That’s why they incorporate such a specific and versatile feature set into each of their plans. In addition, their long guarantee of money back and full independence as a company is what people like most.

They are designed to provide high-speed servers that provide an outstanding user experience for site visitors. SiteGround is available in more regions than InMotion as they aim to reach a wider audience. Although they are expanding, they are also able to offer high-quality services. Excellent customer service is another thing that you will have access to when you place your website there.

As you can see, both SiteGround and InMotion are pretty strong alternatives when it comes to web hosting. Here you need to take into account every little thing and choose the hosting plan that is most suitable for your site.

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