Ways of driving traffic to your website – handy tips worth following

Having a website is one thing but driving traffic to it is another. This is an essential factor each business should always consider at all costs. 

Website traffic helps business see how well their marketing efforts are and how they have gathered insights about their target audience for making improved decisions on how to improve their brand. It also helps raise credibility of search engines, helping generate more leads and raise the conversion rate.

There are numerous ways to drive traffic to a website and here are some effective ways, as determine by experienced professionals from web design company based in Toronto:

Checking the baseline

In order to start growing the website traffic, it is a must to check the baseline (knowing the currenbt traffic stats). This can help businesses understand if steps they are taking to raise the website traffic is bringing them desirable outcomes or not.

There is a way businesses can do this in an improved manner. First is setting up Google Analytics. Alternatives to Google Analytics are Clicky Analytics (because of its real time features) and Mixpanel.

Here are some metrics worth noting:

  • Unique visitors (Users).
  • Bounce rate.
  • Average time spent by the user on the website (Average duration of session).
  • Page views.
  • Pages per visit (pages/session).
  • Sources of Traffic (Direct, search, referral etc.)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

On-page search engine optimization (SEO) is essential in making the website visible to both potential and current users. SEO is in fact defined as the process of bringing in traffic from search results on search engines which are free, editorial, natural and in fact organic.

As a rule of thumb, when people search; they go for the results on the first page because the second page has no worth. The first page has an added advantage. SEO helps businesses catch the spot to rank their sites, attracting and connecting with customers and reaching mobile users.

It is thus important to ensure that both the website and its content are as relevant as they can be for those who are seeking the business’s products and services. 

This involves research on keywords potential customers will search so they can be helped in finding the business in time. Creation of valuable content, crafting attentive meta tag descriptions and the like are also important.

Optimizing the local search presence can have enormous benefits for the business. Among them are:

  • Raising sales.
  • Increase your visibility (online and offline).
  • Help business be connected with customers.
  • Increase local visibility.
  • Easy tracking of KPIs.
  • Improved conversion rates.

Latest statistics from Google reveal that around 20% of search queries are related to location.

SEO today has become highly competitive and it’s not enough to keep posting content consistently. Business must work on a continuous campaign, check for meta tags and the like to nail their SEO efforts and be ahead of competition at all times.

Recent research also exhibits that SEO strategies have evolved over time, Thanks to Google’s Hummingbird algorithm. By this, it means instead of just looking at keywords, Google now understands topics and context of content. This has affected 90% of user searches.

Thus, in order for Google to understand the content’s topic, you need to make use of what is known as LSI keywords through the LSIgraphs. These are words and phrases related to the target keyword. 

For instance, let’s say a business wrote a post on Heavy Maintenance, the LSI Keywords would be phrases and words like:

  • Heavy bike mechanic.
  • Bike races.
  • Bike tuning.
  • Bike maintenance.
  • How to maintain a bike.
  • Magazines for Ducati, Harley Davidson, BMW, Honda, Yamaha etc.

This helps make easy for Google to recognize what exactly the content is based on. Here it is all about heavy bikes.

Other platforms to consider

Social media marketing and email marketing are also not dead yet. In fact they are alive and are getting streamlined. Social media is one of the best platforms for content to be posted and for gathering the needed customers.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are renowned. Though marketing on these platforms involves money but the results are the best ever. Email marketing has now become more refined than ever.

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