Top 5 Reasons Safety Glasses Are Ruling Over Contact Lenses

Physical activity is an effective way to keep your body healthy and active. So, many people don’t consider the possible risks that are related to sports. Therefore, you must wear prescription sports sunglasses while playing your favorite game.

Unluckily, if you will not take any kind of precautions, even some innocent physical activities can lead to severe injury. Eyes are an open organ that is exposed to different kinds of injuries.

Sporting activity is one of the reasons for high injuries approximately more than 40,000 injuries. More than 30,000 cases need medical emergency or some lead to professional treatment in a hospital.

Sporting Activities that are the Most Dangerous:

Some studies show that basketball is one of the sports that lead to severe eye injuries in the USA. Baseball is another dangerous sport after basketball. Other dangerous activities are rifles, rackets game, hockey, and soccer, running, or cycling lead to many severe eye injuries.

So, you must wear Titmus safety frames, and they should be ANSI certified for eye protection. All the above statistics show that eye injuries due to sports are big problems. But the good thing is that all serious eye injuries are preventable.

However, you will be wondering how can it possible? Its answer is simple, and that is protective eyeglasses. Most sports activities need padding or helmet, but safety eyewear is essential.

Your vision and eyes are essential body organs for sports activities, and therefore you need them either you have a correct vision or not.

Prescription Safety Glasses VS Contact Lenses:

Eyes safety should be the main concern during sports or recreational activities. Therefore, safety glasses are the only way to shield your eyes. What can you do if you have any eyesight problem?

The first concerning thing is contact lenses, and many people prefer them to wear while playing. Contact lenses are convenient and comfortable to wear than traditional glasses. Many sportsmen combine goggles with contact lenses.

But do you aware of prescription safety goggles? The safety glasses are specifically designed for eye protection and deliver a clear vision in the playing field. They are a pretty good choice; don’t you think so?

Why Safety Glasses Are Better Than Contact Lenses?

Dry eyes: According to recent studies, dry eyes are a big issue for users who wear contact lenses. More than 40% of people who wear contact lenses report that they had to suffer symptoms from moderate to severe.

Dry eyes issue arises particularly in cold weather like skiers because they have to open their eyes without any blinking. In this situation, safety eyewear is the only solution to shield eyes because they keep moist your eyes while playing. Contact lenses block eyes and lead the situation worse.

Sports Performance: When you participate in any sports activities, you need good vision because good contrast and visual acuity are major performance factors. Well, contact lenses boost up your vision, but they are suitable for outdoor weather like sunlight and humidity. So, you may require wearing protective glasses that are specially designed for sports and helps to boost up your performance with actual vision need.

Style and Comfort: Protective glasses have become a fashion symbol than before. They are more comfortable wearing for a long time. Super quality prescription sports safety glasses are perfect for clear vision. Besides, they have sturdy, and ANSI certified frames that have good comfort and grip. So, appropriate sports eyewear with modifiable straps stays on the face during whole game time and doesn’t slide down from the nose.

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