Best home inventory apps in 2020


Whether you stay in a giant residence or a satisfying apartment, preserving the music of the gadgets in your domestic can be a tedious process. While it can also appear like a chore, taking the time to verify and arrange your domestic stock is a first-rate way to hold music of what you have. Using a domestic stock app can assist you to prepare your property and even calculate the complete cost of your assets, and it can be a lifesaver if you are ever in a state of affairs the place you want to substitute your private property after a loss. In the tournament that you want to make a homeowner’s or renters insurance plan claim, having a modern-day and specific stock of your property will make the claims technique an awful lot less difficult and faster.

There are pretty a few domestic stock apps out there that provide a range of features, inclusive of the potential to add photos, kind the gadgets by way of room, or even save gadgets on the cloud for less difficult access. Read on for our selections of the high-quality domestic stock apps out there, and determine which is satisfactory for you based totally on your wishes and how multifunctional or unique you desire your stock to be.


Sortly permits you to prepare your domestic stock in quite a few special folders and subfolders to make matters less difficult to locate. Use folders to crew gadgets by means of their bodily areas (which room they’re saved in) or by means of the object type. Add searchable tags and notes to locate what you want in seconds.

Sortly additionally approves you to file a wonderful stage of element for every object in your home. Add a serial number, buy date, SKU number, assurance expiration date, and more. Include up to eight images of every object to hold a visible stock and listing portions and expenditures to calculate the whole fee of the objects in your home. You can switch and export the gadgets to a CSV file, export to Dropbox, PDF, or Evernote.

This app is particularly useful if you are moving. You can create printable QR labels with Sortly and stick them to your transferring boxes, and an easy scan suggests you a listing of that box’s contents. If you mortgage objects to household or friends, Sortly offers you a region to enter the identity of the loanee with a reminder for when they’re supposed to provide it back.


MyStuff is one of the most thorough domestic stock apps out there, giving you a house to document a tremendous quantity of elements on every one of your items. That makes this app particularly desirable to organizing and documenting your collections, whether or not they’re high-value and cautiously curated, or the non-public collections of books, movies, or video video games that many of us accumulate over the years. Stock is excellent for preserving song of what you have, and can additionally assist you to keep away from shopping for duplicates as you proceed to collect.

MyStuff permits you to add objects to your stock manually or by way of scanning the barcode to autofill details. The auto-sync function permits you to share records throughout all your gadgets and even with different users. The app comes with some pre-defined categories, however, you can additionally outline your very own classes to maintain the song of gadgets in a way that makes the most experience for your collections.

Memento Database

Memento Database lets you save simply about whatever you can suppose of, with greater than 3,000 templates to pick out from to keep your data. Group objects in classes with colorful icons that supply your stock with an extra visually attractive layout. Search, sort, and filter gadgets to make it less difficult to locate precisely what you’re searching for inside your inventory. Arrange easily all the appliances in the kitchen like faucet, fridge, microwave, dishwasher, mixer, and more.

You manage how your gadgets are stored, so you can add as a whole lot or as little data about every object as you want for your very own recordkeeping. As a brought convenience, Memento can be synced with Google Sheets so you can arrange and edit your stock statistics outdoor your smartphone.


Magic Home Inventory

The Magic Home Inventory app (available to Android customers only) permits you to prepare your domestic stock throughout a couple of residences and wreck down every home’s stock through the room, checklist every item’s area alongside a description and image of that item. You can even denote the containers saved in a room and the contents of these containers.

The app’s superior search characteristic helps you stumble on gadgets easily, and the import/export function permits you to manually backup or ​transfers your stock to every other storage location. This one is additionally useful when you are transferring due to the fact it can assist you to maintain music of which gadgets are saved in which boxes. ​​​​

Nest Egg

The Nest Egg stock app is an iOS-only app that permits you to maintain tune of the matters you own. You can take up to 10 HD pics of your objects and scan barcodes to routinely retrieve product information, a special and time-saving function that streamlines the stock process. It’s the equal with the “batch edit” feature, which approves you to edit objects in bulk as an alternative than making adjustments one at a time. You can email or AirPrint stock objects and export them to a spreadsheet for tracking.

This app additionally offers you locations to keep product guarantee expiration dates and client assist numbers. You can even encompass return facts for new purchases and acquire an alert when the return window is ending. Set reminder signals on objects that human beings borrow from you, as properly as on the objects you borrow — we all comprehend the feeling of stumbling throughout an object a pal lent us a long time in the past that we forgot to return.

Another special characteristic to Nest Egg: your records stay on your smartphone and isn’t backed up to the web. This can be disadvantageous if you are inclined to dropping your cell device. But if you do not idea having the entirety in one place, its ability you do not have to pay any month-to-month charges or create an account to use the aspects of the app.

BluePlum Home Inventory

BluePlum is an iOS app that permits you to hold stock for any domestic you own. You can prepare your objects based totally on collections or the rooms they’re saved in, and “tag” them for less difficult searching. Adding photos, videos, receipts, person manuals, and different archives to every object list consolidates a product’s crucial forms in one region — this is an outstanding way to shop for information like buying records, warranties, and different documentation you may lose otherwise. You can even report the price of every object and music depreciation for the correct valuation of your objects at any factor in time. If your gadgets want events preservation (or any other variety of regularly-scheduled events) you can shop that statistics alongside the app and get hold of reminder notifications.

The iOS app can be used in tandem with BluePlum’s laptop software program (Mac only) so your stock stays up to date throughout all your devices. The faraway and computer app sync with every different as soon as they’re on the identical Wi-Fi community so do not have to fear about manually updating. You create, print and retailer a range of reviews to get an overview of your items.

Smart Inventory System

With the Smart Inventory System, you can construct your stock by way of scanning QR codes. Keep correct important points of your gadgets along with a barcode, name, description, quantity, and even dietary information. If the present fields aren’t enough, you can add customized fields to song anything aspects you need. Set an integral extent ranges for sure gadgets to acquire an alert when these objects want to be replaced.

Easily stumble on gadgets in your stock the use of a specified sorting system. You can even create relationships between objects to control them easier. This app additionally has high-quality backup aspects — it works offline, so you don’t have to fear about dropping get admission to your stock if you’re now not linked to the internet, and it offers you the capability to lower back up your records to the cloud so it is not saved entirely on your phone. Like different apps on this list, Smart Inventory System permits you to import and export both all or phase of your stock to a CSV file.

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