Which Video Call Apps Should You Use If You Care About Privacy?

Technology has improved and it makes life simple for humans. Since the invention of applications like WhatsApp, Skype & others offers improvement in communication. It’s of more help during a time like this of COVID19 disease. Moreover, with these applications, it will be of great help in having online meetings. Thus, one will operate from home reducing the spread of this virus.

Additionally, when having private video conferencing, you need to get the best application. The best video conferencing application should be safe and offers end-to-end encryption. Moreover, the application should also be compatible with more platforms. The application should also have efficient tools to be used when making video calls. A suitable video app should support more number of people and should be stable and reliable. End-to-end encryption is a communication system that allows users only to read the messages.


Best and Safe Video Conferencing App

When it comes to communication privacy and security is a crucial thing. There are a lot of hackers out there who snoop and can alter the message. To prevent all this, you need to use a safe video-conferencing application. Below are some of the safe apps that can be used with video conferencing headphones.


Viber is a video conferencing app that uses end-to-end encryption. It’s also an instant messaging & video-calling platform. Furthermore, the Viber application values users’ secrecy concerns. It’s capable of removing users’ data from servers when the messages are delivered. Furthermore, Viber offers business solutions for communicating with clients more safely.

Viper application is compatible with Windows, Linux, iOS, Mac, and Android platforms. Moreover, this application has an immediate messaging feature. With these features, you will have most of 5 participants in a distinct video call. Viper supports more media formats with the help of chat extensions.


WhatsApp application has above 1.6-billion active users in the whole world also, it is a popular app at the teenage level. Moreover, Whatsapp is also the most utilized immediate messaging app. Furthermore, it’s video conferencing is also end-to-end encrypted. Additionally, end-to-end encryption is enabled by default. Thus, there is no need to set-up hidden chats. Whatsapp uses signal-protocol to offer end-to-end encryption. Moreover, this makes it among the secure & safest video calling.

Additionally, with WhatsApp, you will have immediate messaging platforms. Whatsapp desktop video calling isn’t supported yet. Moreover, for you to use video calling on your PC, you need to install an Android-emulator. After installation, you can run the Whatsapp Android version. Whatsapp supports Web, Android, and iOS platforms. With WhatsApp, you need to have a max of 8 participants in one video call. Additionally, WhatsApp supports all kinds of media with different size limits in each.


Linphone is an open-source VOIP-project. Moreover, it also offers end-to-end encryption in video calling. Furthermore, this application offers instant messaging. Linphone uses state-of-the-art ciphering-key exchanges. This helps in preventing man from the middle-attacks from hackers. Additionally, Linphone offers a core-engine along using SDK for the company to change & deploy it depending on their needs.

This application is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS platforms. The max number of a participant in a single video call is formed by the developer. Linphone applications support more media setups by default.

Wire Platform

Wire platform is a secure open-source platform for B2B customers. Furthermore, this application gives a complete set of tools. It has features like immediate messaging, group chats, video calls, & file-sharing skills. Furthermore, wire application uses an improved method for end-to-end encryption video calling. It can also be used to share data with the help of a unique key for every message.

Moreover, the Wire app is compliant with laws including CCPA and GDPR. This application is supported by Web, Android, and iOS platforms. It has a max of 4 participants in a video-call. Moreover, it also supports every kind of media with different size-limits.

Signal Private Messenger

Signal messenger is the safest video-calling platform due to its tech & end-to-end encryption. Signal uses a Sealed-Sender token which facilitates unspecified delivery of messages & calls between clients. Less amount of data is available or disclosed to the servers. The sealed-sender process ensures that it’s only the users that see the information.

Additionally, with this video conferencing application, you’ll have 1 person on a call. A group-chat functionality operates by enabling unlimited users in a group chat. Additionally, it also allows non-signal clients to join the conversation. The signal is loved by more users. This is because NSA whistleblower, CIA’s ex-employee, & Edward Snowden trusts the Signal app. This application is supported by Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS platforms.

Facetime & iMessage

Facetime & iMessage is one of the used immediate messaging & video-calling platforms. With Facetime & iMessage, no one will tap on calls or messages including the government. Furthermore, Apple will not log in whether you had an answered call and can’t get the call’s content. Additionally, this video calling application is compatible with Mac, iPad OS, and iOS. Moreover, with this application, you will have a max of 32 participants. This app supports audio notes and images for media sharing.

Google Duo

This application comes pre-installed in some Android OS devices. Google Duo is preferred by the user due to Google integration, HD calling & intuitive UI. It also has a Knock-knock feature. This enables one to have a view of the caller’s video minus even picking the call. Additionally, this application is supported by iOS, Web, and Android platforms. Furthermore, you will have a max number of 12 participants in a video call.


Line application is used by business & casual users as a video conferencing platform. With this application, you will have safe communication. This application uses Letter-Sealing as it’s an end-to-end encryption protocol. Moreover, it’s used to transfer media, calls, and messages between users. In-Line application, end-to-end encryption isn’t auto turned ON. You need to switch it on.

This video call app is compatible with Mac, iOS, Windows, Nokia, Android, and Blackberry. Moreover, Line allows 200 participants to connect in a video call at the same time.


A safe video conferencing app is used by more people both business and casual users. Zoom and Skype is also a good video conferencing app which offers HD video and HD audio quality. Just download the app and you need a video conferencing headphone then start, But, it’s facing security issues hence not suitable for safe video conferencing. The highlighted applications offer a safe and secure platform thus, you’ll have privacy.

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