How An Explainer Video Can Brings More Clients

If you are a technopreneur and yet employ explainer videos to market your business, you miss out on massive prospective clients. You may be in line with us when you realize the potent power behind the marketing demo video.

YouTube is the second largest search engine by now, while 13 million people spend more than three hours watching videos each day.

Smartphones and other mobile devices support this trend. You can be sure that web traffic is dominated by video.

While the Internet has been a norm in daily business, having catchy demo videos for your products and services will be an effective marketing strategy.

A compelling marketing video will give you a chance to grasp your potential customers in a way that texts, images, or PowerPoint presentations can’t compete.

Keep this in mind: while an image is worth a thousand words, an explainer video gives you a thousand pictures.

You can employ explainer videos for any business you have. It works well to introduce your new collection of cute kitties or share how thankful your customer is after buying your hair-growth product.

Her live testimony, of course, will grant your work more credibility than a merely written text. There are some areas you can take advantage of employing explainer videos for your business.

1. Product Demonstrations

Explainer videos will be an excellent way to demonstrate step-by-step instructions on how your product works. You can highlight superior features that make your product unique and stand out from the crowd. By creating a catchy animation, your video will deliver your message effectively and bring a huge impact.

2. Product Presentations

Consumers love your products or services since they find it helpful and solve their problems. You can create explainer videos from your customers’ perspective on how your products help them solve their problems. It should emphasize your unique selling proposition, and your demo video will spread them effectively.

3. Customer Testimonials

How can you learn that a specific product is credible and helpful in solving your problem? Ask somebody else or users who have experienced it before. Word-of-mouth is an essential factor in buying decisions; moreover, if a community figure speaks it. The marketing demo video will pack your customer testimonials more dramatically and emotionally to trigger prospects to take action.

A good explainer video helps you to intensify the impact of the marketing strategy for your business. I believe it is the best way to deliver a more intimate connection to online business.

If you already know what you need, contact the best explainer video company like Breadnbeyond, and they will help you create an explainer video that grasps more customers.


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Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award winning explainer video company. He helps business increase conversion rates, close more sales and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).

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