8 Web Design Trend Prophecies for 2021

Trends keep changing, whether it is the world of fashion designing or web designing. We’re living in an era where technology evolves speedily. Over the last 2 decades, the world has witnessed an upsurge in the technological incorporations that have been marvelous incorporation. However, they became a mainstream trend with time. And, not to forget that some web design trends were overdone to an extent that depreciated conversion rates.

2021 is knocking at the door and a lot of fresh web trends are expected from it. Individuals web designers and companies offering website development solutions are imparting their knowledge and making predictions for some upcoming trends. Below, some predictions are made by the I.T realm mavens for the forthcoming hot web design trends that will rock 2021.

But before we proceed, it is essential to add that some trends are immortal. Strong but concise content, apt color scheme, SEO & image optimization, simple UI, data security, and fast loading are the evergreen trends. What’s new on the list for 2021, let’s find out below.


  1. Assessing User Behavior & Location

Ever noticed that re-visiting a website after a couple of days shows some change of content? When you navigate the same website on a different browser, it shows the original content that was seen previously. There’s no secret that technology advancement is a boon for companies. Most of the mobile apps that we use track our location. Based on the location, the website serves us with the content after assessing past behavior. You’ll not be served generic content when you’ve made a personalized search.

For example, visiting your bank’s website for the first time demands the username & credentials to make the browser credible. When you visit the website for the second time, it will automatically identify you as a distinguished user. Hence, you’ll be shown customized schemes and investment baskets as per your previous interactions.


  1. Human-like Chat Bots

Artificial intelligence will continue to be relevant in 2021. Technological advancement advocates for the maximum use of chatbots. Chatbot UI configuration must not simply convey information to end-users. For preparing each specific question, chatbots must be anything but difficult to utilize and deal with a wide range of essential language varieties – distinctive language semantics, emotions, slangs, expressions, and phrases.

To improve the UX, you should contemplate a specific arrangement of alternatives like symbols, a voice that suits your image character, composing markers, reaction catches, and failure/welcome message design. You should offer users a few communication ways – instant discussion stream or free-text composing with auto-complete capacity.


  1. Voice-Activated Interface

“Hey Google, what’ll be the weather tomorrow?” Most of us have been using this feature for acquiring information or just having some fun. Instead of manual input, we’re familiar to use voice assistance. The voice-activated interface is carving its space in most of the websites. Even today, there are numerous website designs that incorporate this feature for providing swift search results. A sizable percentage of website developers see the VI as an integral part of the website development solution kit.


  1. The Impact of Virtual Reality

Undoubtedly, virtual reality is the game-changer. In the wake of changing the medical space, marketing, and gaming, is required to improve the cooperation level in portable application UI design. It provides meaningful content to a website for simplifying decisions. So, the virtual reality will be an impactful web design trend in 2021.


  1. Micro Animation

The name says it all. Micro animations are small animations and play a key role in guiding the user through the website. Since this feature offers deeper insights to the user and enhances a better experience, it will be another hot web design trend for 2021 as per website developers. As per a rough estimate, the ecommerce sector will be the biggest user of the micro animation feature. The inclusion of this feature is expected to rise by 5.25% by the second quarter of 2021. Fingers crossed.


  1. Talking To the Thumbs

We’ve heard that website is mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly. But what is thumb-friendly design? When you hold the cell phone, it is gripped by 4 fingers and the thumb becomes the master navigator, right? So, the web design trend prophecy for 2021 says that a thumb-friendly navigation is essential and will definitely catch the sight. By adding this design to the website, navigating will be even smooth for those who frequently use mobiles for visiting websites.


  1. The Era of Darkness

Nope, there’s nothing fishy here. We’re just trying to say that dark themes will become even popular in 2021. WhatsApp and may other apps have launched the dark mode. It is the theme that dims the surface. Dark themes carry 2 fundamental favorable circumstances to UX: they store battery power by decreasing the utilization of light pixels and lessen eye strain by adjusting the screen’s brightness to existing lighting conditions. All in all, the website appears to be more aesthetic in dark mode.


  1. I.S.S Module

On an honest note, no one favors a perplex website design. Some websites are over-embellished because they are conceived to impress. The appearance of the site matters to drive conversions, nonetheless, when the site isn’t anything but difficult to scroll, it won’t churn conversions. A website designer should interrogate himself/herself about web design and smooth navigation. In this way, rather than cramming things together, website designers can create an aesthetically impactful website by keeping it simple.

Here’s a perfect example- Take a glance at the website of the celebrated vehicle brand Lamborghini. It carries strong aesthetics, utilizes the white space flawlessly, and is adorned with the rule of thirds aptly! The simplicity in the navigation bar makes it easy for visitors to read the text.



And, you just scrolled past some powerful predictions for hot web design trends for 2021! It is evident that some trends will remain immortal, the new ones will surely turn heads when they’ll be added in the website design. This list of predictions in the web design realm of 2021 has been crafted considering the market trends and preferences. Let’s wait for the best in the forthcoming year.

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