Which is Better For Eyes Laptop or Mobile?

Whether it’s studying, working, or relaxing, most of our everyday activities include staring at screens. This can be on a laptop, smartphone, tablet, and others. However, this technology may at a point affect our health more so our eyes. If you stare at a screen for a long time continuously, your eyes begin to feel tired and dry. This can also trigger headaches. Therefore, it’s always good to maintain the right distance from your screen. Below is a discussion on which is better for the eyes between laptops or mobile.

Which is better for Eyes Laptop or Mobile?

Laptop and mobile are some of the devices with a screen that we use more in our everyday lives. Smartphones are made to be held nearer your face & eyes. Therefore, the pixels on the screen are smaller. Additionally, laptops are made to be used at a distance from the eyes. Thus, the pixel might be a little bit smaller.


To some extent, OLED-screens is better for one’s eyes. The reason being an LCD screen comes with a backlight which might shine very much light to one’s eyes particularly at night or in a dark room.  Furthermore, it is also softer & easier on one’s eyes compared to LCD.

When an LCD-screen shows black color its backlight is quite bright at night. With LCD screens, you can’t get as low a brightness as with OLED screens.

Therefore, a laptop or smartphone will be better for your eye depending on the kind of screen it’s using. However, a laptop normally has extra features & tech like a higher-refresh-rate that helps in protecting one’s eye.

Protecting your eye from laptop and mobile screen

  • Ensure you are in a well-lit room
  • Use 20-20-20 rule
  • Minimize glare
  • Regular eye test
  • Minimize Blue light
  • Use screen with high resolutions
  • Minimize brightness
  • Use the night mode setting on the phone

Eyes are one of the body parts that have no spare. Therefore, care needs to be taken to protect it from devices that have screens. Furthermore, you need to use the proper setting which favors your eye at that time.  When using any screen don’t forget to blink to keep your eyes moist.

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