5 Signs to Identify a Good Logo

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see a store or a website? What is the first thing that you recall regarding a brand? How do you recall a brand?

Answers to all these questions lead you to only one reply and that is a logo. The task of an affordable logo design company is to create a design that stays in the conscious and subconscious minds of all individuals.

It is because of the phenomenal creativity of an affordable logo design company that when you see a big yellow M you can recall it as a logo of McDonald’s – one of the biggest fast-food chains around the globe.

If the owners of McDonald’s, at that moment wouldn’t have collaborated with some best designers they would have suffered financially because logos play a very important role in increasing sales of any brand.

What is a logo?

A logo is a design that represents a brand or a company. It is basically the face of any brand and is important to promote a business because logos are used everywhere. It is the logo that is printed on business cards, billboards, pamphlets, letterheads, or even the board of an outlet, not just that logos are used on all social media handles and they are used to promote business through other mediums as well.

What are the signs of a good logo?

A good logo, which in other words is known as an effective logo, is a design that is a mixture of well-combined colors, geometric design, text, and imagery.

A design that is visually appealing and has the power to grab the attention of a customer. Because when a person finds a logo they are intrigued to explore the website or the outlet. And this in turn helps businesses increase sales.

A good logo should be creative but simple at the same time, complicated designs are hard for customers to understand and hence the chances of remembering it are less. That is why it is always advised that designers should create distinct yet simple designs for the brand they are working for.

Another important aspect of an effective logo is a good use of color schemes. Colors play a very important role, they can either enhance the power of a design or they can completely flatten a very good design; for designers, it is very important to understand the psychology behind different colors. Not all colors blend well for all sorts of brands and companies; for some extremely bright colors are more suitable while for some it is better to stay within the shades of black and white.

The fourth sign that all good logos have is that a logo should not be time-bound. When a company gets a logo designed they have a plan that it will stay with them forever because logos are the identity of companies or brands and one cannot change their identity repeatedly. Therefore, graphic designers should always design something which is neither too time-bound nor too outdated. They should remember that they should use the current trends but not to an extent that when these trends change the logo loses its power.

Lastly, a good logo should be versatile, which means it should look good no matter what size it is in or in what format it is being used. A good logo should remain as powerful if taken as small as on a business card or as large as on a billboard. The design itself should outshine all other features.

Role of an affordable logo design company?

When a brand owner contacts relevant companies to outsource their work, it is the duty of a good company to assign their best graphic designers to them, who can work with them. Company owners blindly trust their graphic designers hence they should also maintain this trust and work efficiently. They should take the input of the owners, ask for their requirements, share some of their ideas, discuss basic ideas, and should also take their feedback before finalizing the design. This way when two minds collaborate one can guarantee a unique and powerful logo that will reap fruits for the companies or brands in the future.

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