Travel Safe: Follow These Tips to Protect Your Personal Data on Vacation

Your smartphone is not just a device with a few contacts in it. It contains every personal detail that includes financial credentials as well. You can imagine the damage this information is capable of causing if they land in the wrong hands.

You can lose personal data without even knowing you have been robbed. This is true since the data transfer can take place over wireless connection technologies. Therefore, you might have to take care of the smartphone more than any other item in your travel bag.

Here, you will find some helpful tips to protect your personal information while travelling.

Set a Strong Password

A password is the first line of defence for any unauthorised access to your device. A simple password will take only a few attempts to crack. Therefore, try to set a strong password on all your devices.

Do not use the common phrase from your favourite movie or show. Your name, birthday, and other related details are even weaker than the phrases. Some random numbers, special characters, and mix letter case will help you set a strong password.

Install VPN

Your smartphone should have a VPN to keep the data safe at home or some distant land. It creates an anonymous connection with encryption from your end enabled by the latest technology. They are extremely helpful while accessing the public network with minimal security features.

You can access the content of some website from your home location while travelling. It is free and easy to install on a Smartphone. Some VPN may require an in-app purchase. This and many other expenses can be covered with short-term loans in Ireland.

Keep Your Device with You

Your mobile phone or any other device should remain with you when the time is to head out. You cannot leave them unattended on some restaurant table while using the toilet. It is the perfect opportunity for bad people to steal your device or its data.

Many people carry only the camera while exploring the neighbourhood. You can use the hotel locker to place the other electronic items securely. Do not leave them on the bed or table and, if possible, switch off the mobile phone before leaving.

Use Find My Apps

Every smartphone manufacturer has put a little tracker on your device with “Find My” apps installed. They provide many features that include locating the smartphone or make it ring. Turn it on if you haven’t used it while at home.

These apps also have an option to wipe data remotely if you lose the phone. This should always be the first action if someone steals your phone. They are also available for other devices, including your wireless earphones.

Turn Off Automatic Connectivity

Connecting a device with the manual steps doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes. Do not save these minutes with the automatic feature, as the risk is not worth it. Anyone nearby with Bluetooth connectivity can gain access to your device.

Turn the Bluetooth off after disconnecting the device at unknown locations. Even at home, you should avoid the practice of leaving Bluetooth open for connectivity. It brings unnecessary attention to people with malicious intent within the range.

Use Password Protected Networks

Wi-Fi networks are the haven for hackers as they give them unwarranted access with an amazing speed. Do not connect the free and open wifi network in public places. Even the ones provided by the coffee shops are unsafe without security settings.

Add the cost of Wi-Fi to your trip expense to pay for the paid networks. If you are out of budget, take online loans in Ireland to cover the cost of a vacation. Also, do not forget to check the security certificates and log out from websites while using the public computer.

Create a Backup

Always have a backup ready at some cloud storage to protect the essential and sentimental data. It will make sure the data remains safe after some unfortunate incident. You can store the images, videos, and passwords on cloud storage.

Make sure the cloud storage is trusted as the cheaper alternatives are more prone to hack. Your smartphone manufacturer already provides some storage on their cloud storage. Or use Google’s storage with a new Gmail account.

Do Not Broadcast the Vacation

Your personal information is not only on the Smartphone or portable electronic devices. The hackers and burglars can attack your home if they find you are on a long vacation. Therefore, do not share the vacation detail on social media with an unknown audience.

You can check-in and share a picture or two if the circle has trusted friends and family. There is all the time in the world to share the images to the public account. It may sound too extreme, but we don’t live in a utopian society either.


To sum up, you don’t have to think of security all the time to ruin the experience. Simple measures are enough to protect your data and device from the bad elements of society. Just don’t make careless decisions without keeping in mind the security of the portable devices in your backpack.

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