How businesses can take advantage of Facebook and Twitter engagement trends

Gone are the days when Twitter and Facebook were seen as a passing fad. Initially they were used for socializing with friends and no one could ever think that businesses could also benefit from them. Currently there are billions people who are active on social media. The social media platforms have now become the marketing giants providing businesses with important data about customers.

A lot of companies these days have a social or digital marketing department. Many marketers say that increasing customer engagement is very important in the social media marketing strategy. Frequent updates are a good way to improve your social media engagement. But with the uncontrollable nature of social media, the main message may be damaged by negative feedback. This brings bad publicity to companies that do not approach social media in the right way and do not respond quickly to questions or complaints. However, there are several ways of influencing trends to your advantage.

Social media trends like Twitter engagement trends are major events that take place in the digital landscape when there is interest in a certain topic. At times the term “viral” is used but it implies one particular piece of information that spreads all over the internet leading to the trending of something.

A social media trend is like a wave in the ocean which surfers catch and ride. People who surf a lot know the right time and the best technique to ride the wave when it is going back to the shore. Any business can also ride trends on social media in order to receive attention and drive engagement.

You could be wondering when you start a trend how could you make sure that you are not seen as manipulating your customers but interacting with them. Well, beginning a trend relies on the execution from your business. If your audience sees the execution as a“hard sell”, then your customers will not engage with you. The topic of your trend also matters because your timing should be right for you to get maximum engagement. If you do it too late or too early, the audience may not be interested in it.

It is also very important to bear in mind that Facebook engagement trends or any other social media engagement trend are a two-way street. When someone from the audience reaches out to your business, there must be a response to maintain the interaction. If your business does not communicate with the audience, then they will feel let down by your brand and have a negative association with you.

Other benefits of using social media include getting a long term rise in exposure and audience. Look at social media trends like a series of steps ona staircase. Each insight you gain from analyzing each trend will make your business’ reach and exposure go up, providing you are flexibile enough to apply what you learn.

With Twitter and Facebook engagement trends you can get valuable customer insights, increase loyalty and brand awareness, run more effective ads and receive real-time results, create higher converting leads, improve website traffic and get ranked higher. So share content quickly and easily, build relationships and put your customers first!

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