10 Amazing Ways To Monetize Your Blogs

A blog can bring money to you is a known fact – but how? This is not very well known to many. Those, who write blogs just for their love of writing and sharing their experiences and do not pay much attention to traffic or SEO, can ignore the factor of money. But those, who are serious about money, need to know how to monetize their blogs before they start a blog. Here are a few useful tips that will help them.

Google AdSense:

Regardless to mention, it is the best way to earn money through your blogs. You only have to register yourself to this earning platform and the more visits that you get and the more clicks that you manage, the more you will get paid. Through this system, the AdSense provides ads on your blog site and as the readers, visitors and potential customers click on them, you get a ‘Cost Per Click’ payment for that. In case your blog site has failed the AdSense registration, you can choose the equally good alternative of Infolinks.

Banner Ads:

If your blog site is receiving a good deal of traffic, you can get in touch with big businesses related to your blog niche to post ads on your site. If they do so, it will fetch you a good deal of money.Image result for 10 Amazing Ways To Monetize Your Blogs

Review products on your blog:

This is a very useful and unique way of receiving a good deal of money. All that you have to do is right reviews (certainly positive) for a product and post it on your site. As you post a review, the product sellers or owners will pay you money for the positive review. The price will depend on and vary entirely based on the traffic and popularity of your site. You can claim a good deal of money for writing these reviews if your site has a loyal reader base.

Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing can fetch you huge amount of money, provided you know how to sell products from other sellers on your site. You will have to have the skill as well as a great email list to make the affiliate marketing work. It takes a little time to work, but when it works, it is really very useful.

Sell your products:

Nothing works as well as this. If you are good at something, like writing, speaking or if you have any product to sell, sell it on your site. With a loyal reader base, you can manage to sell your products and maximize the revenue. The products can be physical products or even the eBooks, videos or content that you know would surely sell.

These are 5 of the most useful, tried and tested ways to earn money for your blogs. There are yet some other monetizing options and these are –

Sell teaching programs
Be a consultant
Paid directory listing through blog
Paid membership
In text ads.

Now you have to try them and understand which one works best for you. It is not a day’s job, and it will take the time to earn money from a site. But once you start doing so, it is a never ending process.

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