The Worst Advises we hear about Academics

‘You are 26 and still studying?? My God! When will you try to get a job?’


‘All of your friends got married and are having kids, why are you still studying?’


‘What would you do with a PhD? It just adds the title Dr. to your name’.


‘Why do you need to study so much when you are so rich? Sit and enjoy’.


Okay! I know many of you reading this would simply hate me from today because in this article I am going to write some dreadful truths. Questions I wrote above are what I faced through my entire life. I have been a research scholar for a long time and I had to overcome so many hurdles to achieve my goal but you should not be afraid to ‘Study’. Education is the most important aspect of human life, so don’t be ashamed or afraid by comments made by your relatives, neighbours, friends. You see education is a gift given to you by God and not many people got it so never step back if you love to study. In this article I shall write about the worst advises I got for continuing my education for a long time.


  • GET A JOB!!! There will be many types of advisors but most of them would ask you to quit your education and get a job. Never fall for this, I repeat NEVER get a job quitting your education. If you need financial help for your studies always apply for scholarships. There are many scholarships in each college and universities.


  • IT’S TOO LATE!! The second most popular advice is people would say that it is too late to get a degree. My dear never listen to them, it is never too late to start something new. Better late than never, it might take some time to grasp the concept but don’t give up.


  • IT’S WEDDING TIME!! Well well what is a life without a life partner and kids? But do you know it is an idiotic decision to stay illiterate and raise kids? I am not against marriage and family but my dear you deserve to study as much as you want. Get married only when you are ready, there is no rush. Complete your studies, build a career then get married. Don’t jump over any step.


  • CAN WAIT, JOBS CANNOT!! This is the weirdest thing I have ever heard in life. Wait ! Do you actually believe this? NO NO NO!!!! If you want to research and get a PhD. just do it. Don’t leave your research to get a job. If you can successfully complete your PhD trust me jobs will wait at your door. Don’t feel insecure for not getting a job while your research.


  • YOU DON’T NEED TO STUDY, YOU’RE ALREADY A MILLIONAIRE. This is the most common dialogue every rich kids have heard but it’s a completely stupid concept. If you are from wealthy family and you want to study, don’t let others decide for you. Study as much as you want and enjoy the happiness of being the most educated guy in your family.


  • YOU SO PRETTY/HANDSOME, TRY ACTING/MODELLING. There is a foolish concept that only nerds study for long and good-looking people do not require studying at all. Trust me this is the crappiest concept of the era, never listen to these. If you are Beautiful/ Handsome that should not stop you from getting a degree. Study and study hard to achieve your goal.


I am not going to conclude this article here, in the comment section please write the worst advice you have ever heard and I would answer to each of the comments. I promise.



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