Everything About Embedding Live Twitter Feed On Website 

Social media integration with websites has been an imperative component for the business and brands to improve your social media presence through social sharing. 

But now social media integration has evolved a lot where it has become more interactive & engaging than earlier. Let’s talk about embedding a live Twitter feed on a website to understand better. 

Embedding a live Twitter feed is an emerging trend among social media integration with websites that aims to help the website & business more than the Twitter profile. 

So, let’s dive into what a live Twitter feed is?

What Is A Live Twitter Feed?

A Live Twitter feed is a feed of tweets that are being collected and curated from Twitter through your profile or any Twitter hashtags which is displayed on a website. 

To create a Twitter feed, you need a tool like Twitter widget for websites that will help you connect with Twitter, fetch tweets from Twitter, and display it on your website as a live Twitter feed. 

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms globally especially if we talk about businesses, brands, professionals, and famous personalities. 

Embedding a live Twitter feed on a website can have a lot of benefits for the website and the overall business. We have listed some of those benefits here for you. 

Benefits Of Embedding Live Twitter Feed On Website

1. Access To Engaging Content

Content is one of the most important components for any website as it helps in fulfilling the needs & agenda for a website visitor through information & engagement. 

So, it is important to have content that is creative and interesting for the users, and Twitter is the best choice for finding such content. As it has short, simple, and diversified content both in visual & textual form that you can use. 

The live Twitter feed provides the access to a hub of Twitter content that you can leverage as per your requirements without any hassle and this will save you massive costs, time, and resources on content creation. As you can curate content whenever you need it. 

2. Boost Engagement On Website

Content is the best element to increase website engagement as it keeps the visitors hooked to the website while they access the information they need or reach a decision. 

Embedding Live Twitter feed on a website will help you bring the most relevant and engaging content from Twitter to your website. Also, it is a live Twitter feed, so you will have a constant stream of engaging, fresh, unique, and original content. 

More content with better quality will lead to an increase in the user engagement and will also increase the dwell time on the website leading to better search engine rankings. You will get more impressions & organic traffic through search engine queries. 

3. Build Social Proof With Users’ Content

User-generated content has become highly crucial in recent times for the brands & businesses as the users are looking for authentic & reliable sources for information. 

Now branded content is not that authentic & reliable that leads to reduced engagement & conversions. So, with a live Twitter feed, you can aggregate the best user-generated content around your brand. 

Twitter is highly popular when it comes to users or customers mentioning and talking about the brands, their products, services, etc. You can display the relevant, authentic, and trustworthy UGC to build social proof & improve user engagement on your website. 

4. Expand Reach, Traffic Sources, & Social Influence

Now it is essential for every brand to constantly work towards expanding their reach and awareness to new audiences, locations, and demographics. 

With the integration of live Twitter feeds on websites, you have created a link between social media and your website. This will help you channelize your audience to your Twitter profile as well.

More exposure to your social content will lead to an increase in the Twitter following and expansion of brand awareness & exposure to new realms. So, along with great website performance, you can also build your Twitter influence. 

5. Drive Real-Time Interactions

With the live Twitter feed on the website, you can drive real-time interactions and engagement sessions with the audiences. You can use a live Twitter feed on a website before or during the event, seminar, digital conferences, online sessions, etc. 

This will help in making your virtual events or digital communications more interactive and result-driven where the Twitter users can also participate and interact with panels, speakers, and other audiences. 

You can also use it to promote your brand through social media and website simultaneously or display it on dynamic landing pages to show the buzz around your business activities or events. 

How To Embed Live Twitter Feed On Website

To create and display a live Twitter feed on your website, you can use a tool like a Taggbox Twitter widget.  Taggbox Widget is a social media aggregator and UGC platform.

The tool will help in collecting and curating the best and most useful content from Twitter automatically in real-time. Also, you can personalize your live Twitter feed according to the campaign or purpose through different design elements. 

Besides, you get features like content moderation with advanced filtering, responsive design, mobile-friendly widget, custom posts, banners, layouts, easy integration, customer support, insightful analytics, etc. 

All these features and many more make these the best choice for you to create and display a live Twitter feed on a website.


This was a brief yet comprehensive blog to explain what live Twitter feed is and how you can embed it on your website to leverage the benefits we have listed here and much more. 

So, find your Twitter feed opportunities and get started with the creation and embedding of the live Twitter feed.

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