WooCommerce Inventory Management Application

WooCommerce stock management service allows you manage your store inventory in an easy & proper way. TradeGecko helps you find out the best & efficient inventory application. If you are planning to start your business & want to manage your inventory single-hand than online WooCommerce inventory tools is one of the best & easy way to manage it. This store inventory application not only helps you to manage your business but improve the value of business also.

Apart from that, the warehouse organization, employee efficiency, accurate planning, and inventory balance is a few of the best feature of the online inventory system. Here in this blog, we share the information on inventory management in WooCommerce with a simple & effective way.

WooCommerce: How it works

With the help of various WooCommerce tools & plugin, you can easily manage your business. But choosing the right & best WooCommerce inventory management plugin is more important to manage the security of the business. There are a number of applications available for inventory management which almost used for the same purpose.

Also, the use of inventory control WooCommerce application is an important part of your business to control & manage physical goods. Also, they provide the assurance on overselling of the product. Apart from that, they are beneficial in creating visual metrics, scheduling purchase orders from wholesalers, and help in filling backorders product lists. That is good to going your business at the best level.

Global inventory setting for WooCommerce

The global inventory setting for WooCommerce is almost the same in all applications. Here you can get the information on how to install this inventory application in the various operating system

  • Go to WooCommerce setting
  • Click the product tab & after that click on the inventory link.
  • Check & manage stock options. Also, enable all products tab. If your product stock present with the combination of virtual & physical products. Then you can skip that step & enable the individual product option.
  • The individual option of WooCommerce determines how long inventory for unpaid orders.
  • Also, the pending orders have removed from the WooCommerce will delete the list form the global inventory list within the particular time limit.

Apart from the setting of WooCommerce inventory, you need to do the setting for email notification for stock items. Here the process of enable mail notification,

  • Insert the low stock threshold- When inventory stock reaches the high saturation point the low stock notification sends for the notification.
  • Insert stock threshold for the out process- This field is used to determine the numbers of inventory where the item stock available for delivery.

Product inventory option in WooCommerce

To continue with the following step you can check product options in the stock post. Also, here you get complete & detail information on each point,

  • From the admin panel, you can go to the product tab and manage the product category by creating a new product list. To get detailed guidance on product creating check the theme documentation.
  • Move down at the product options panel & click on the inventory tab.
  • Also, for the individual product inquiry check manage inventory option.
  • Manually you can enter the product information & quality which available in your stock. For the same product with a different category, you can categorize all products based on their types. Also, it helps to manage the variation of products.
  • Here you can set the product stock amount 0 and get information on the product automatically when the product enters in stock or the status out.
  • Choose & set the option to allow backorders or not. Enabling this option will help you to get quick information on customer service & any chargeback.¬†
  • To buy any product in a single order, you need to enable the sold individually tab. This will beneficial at the time of selling a single variety item, limited product, or any collectibles.

The various stock management extension offering your product a new interface which assign with the stock & product property. The range of products is filtered by the option such as type of product, product status, order name & quantity of product.

The best WooCommerce tools for inventory management

When you are thinking to manage your inventory you need to choose WooCommerce tools for managing the stock. Here list of WooCommerce inventory tools,

  • TradeGecko
  • Stich
  • Orderhive
  • Dear inventory
  • WooCommerce stock manager


To manage your business inventory, the WooCommerce inventory management application is the best & easy way to manage & update your business stock in an easy & effective way. This will also reduce the labor cost for handling the stock update & decrease the operational time. WooCommerce handling tools are easy to operate & easy to understand by following few important factors.

I hope this article will provide you complete information on inventory management in WooCommerce.


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