How Whatsapp and Jio can Destroy the E-com Market

A Few times back a huge deal was made between Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg and Reliance Jio Owner Mukesh Ambani where Facebook acquire almost 10% of shares of Reliance Jio for a huge amount.

So what is the benefit for the giant companies here, Jio told a few times back that in the year 2020 they will become debt-free so this deal is a step toward that statement.

And Facebook is always hungry for data and Jio has huge data that Facebook can use for better ads targeting in their ads platform.

But that is one deal and the second news is they are collaborating for a next deal, Facebook has Whatsapp which has a huge number of users and Jio has it’s E-com market Ajio so if they collaborate they can simply destroy the Indian E-com market.

Like Whatsapp has more than a billion downloads and users, and India has a great number of users and even so many WhatsApp alternatives are there but still Whatsapp is dominating the market totally.

So if they will collaborate and Jio gives a great deal as they did in the initial phase of Jio it can acquire a huge number of users and can easily make a great profit.

Advantages of Jio

  1. If they collaborate means users can now access all the products in Jio Application that made the things very easy for the users and if they found it easy the changes are more than they buy from the application.
  2. The second advantage is all the users are very used to with the application so they won’t find it difficult to buy the products from that.

Advantage of Whatsapp

The main advantage that Whatsapp will get from this deal is how they can monetize their platform is such a way that it will keep the promise of Mark Zuckerberg that he won’t monetize Whatsapp for their profit.

Now they can simply integrate the Facebook pay with Whatsapp and they can accept the payment within their application which will make it easier for the users.

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