What Is Insomnia And How To Deal With This Problem?

A prevalent disease or rather disorder these days is Insomnia. Insomnia is a sleep disorder that makes it difficult for an individual to stay asleep or to fall asleep. Individuals from all walks of life struggle with this disorder. Life today has become extremely hectic and stressful, which is the main reason to cause this disorder.

People suffering from Insomnia often feel weary; they are not very refreshed, which causes other symptoms like fatigue. The clinical diagnosis of Insomnia includes sleeplessness occurring for at least four times a week for a minimum of 3 months. The sleeplessness will then lead to distress and discomfort at making it difficult for an individual to function properly in their day to day routine.


The causes of Insomnia are as follows:-

Often the cause of Insomnia depends on the duration of your sleeplessness.

The short term insomnia may be caused due to several reasons out of which few are listed below-

  • Anxiety- anxiety can be caused by anything that is very common for almost everyone. This can be solved by avoiding the reason causing anxiety.
  • A traumatic or disturbing event- Any disturbing event like an accident, death of a loved one, etc. can cause short term insomnia. This cause usually takes more time than usual and can get severe if not treated at an early stage.
  • Change of routine or sleeping pattern- When we travel or move to a different place, it becomes difficult to adjust and get sleep. This can easily be solved with time.
  • Uncomfortable environment- Discomfort is another cause of Insomnia, this can be solved by having a comforting sleeping environment like having the proper bedding, effective ducted air conditioning Sydney, dim lighting, etc.
  • Physical condition or medication- The other very common cause is the effects of certain medications or physical pain. This can be solved by either reducing the dosage of medication or not taking it before sleeping.

On the other hand, chronic Insomnia is when the sleeplessness lasts for more than three months, and the cause of the disorder is not known in the primary stage, but in the second stage, there are some causes like depression or sleep apnea, etc.

Insomnia is a medical condition that can be cured by proper medication. However, the medication for the disorder leads to many disorders, which can cause other severe conditions. Therefore, there are several alternative measures to cure Insomnia. The following are some measures or remedies which can be adopted to cure the condition of Insomnia. 

Meditation and Relaxation

Every individual needs to practice meditation to cope with a stressful lifestyle. The constant stress, worry, and overthink can cause sleeplessness and lead to short term insomnia. So it is very important to relax your body and your mind with meditation.

These days you can find several apps and ways to practice meditation that is available on the internet; individuals suffering from the disorder can select any way and calm their minds down. This will help reduce stress, anxiety, and get better sleep.

Herbal remedies

There are many herbal treatments for the condition of sleeplessness. One Of the most popular herbs used to remedy the problem of Insomnia is chamomile. The individuals struggling with the sleeplessness issue should have chamomile tea.

The herbal treatment should be done with full testing and precautions as it reacts differently from varied individuals. Many people are allergic to different herbs, which shall be taken into serious consideration.


There are many supplements that can be taken to cure Insomnia, one of which is melatonin supplements. Basically, melatonin is a hormone that can help reduce sleeplessness and sleep disturbance. So it can be beneficial for individuals with sleep disorders and help them sleep fast.


The traditional Chinese treatment to cure a number of health conditions is known as acupuncture. The procedure involves pressing or needling particular points on the body, stimulating heat and compression. This treatment can also be used to remedy Insomnia.

Physical activities

Involving any type of physical activity in your day to day routine is the mantra to stay fit. When you exercise regularly, your body feels refreshed and rejuvenated; this makes you more physically active and helps you get better sleep. So all the individuals should practice any type of physical activity to stay healthy and get sound sleep.

Sleeping Environment

One of the most important factors to improve sleeping patterns is by having a suitable sleeping environment. According to individual preferences, the bedding, lighting, air condition system, etc. should be on point. The recommended and calming sleeping environment includes comfortable bedding, dim lighting, calm music, aromatherapy, and effective air conditioning like air conditioning Sydney. This type of sleeping environment will help you sleep like a baby.

Therefore, the following measures can be adopted by individuals suffering from Insomnia. These tips are alternative measures and natural remedies to cure sleepless, which ensure minimum or no side effects.

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