5 Top Techniques For Designing Your Own Sportswear

DIY is always rewarding, especially for designing sportswear. When you create something with your own hands, then it involves great fun, enjoyment, and creativity. The sportswear designing process is always associated with a high level of creativity and fun.  

If you want to design your own sportswear, then we would recommend you to choose the simple and easy item for cloth designing such as custom yoga pants, top, cycling suit, etc.

The sports apparel should include some technicalities so that they are comfortable to wear. The sportswear item should be breathable and flexible so that they do not create any hindrance while doing the movement or playing game. There are various important factors that you should consider before starting the designing process.   

Start from the fabric choosing stage, and you should pick the right type of cloth for your sports apparel. It is very difficult to find the right type of material for your sportswear. It is imperative to choose the right one for the perfect fit. We recommend you to explore the wide range of options that are available in the market.

Finally, choose the one that is perfect according to your needs and requirements. You can also search for the various fabric options available online. Here, in this article, we are to discuss various things that you need to consider while designing your own sportswear:

Right Fit & Pattern

All of us must have a perfect pair of leggings in your wardrobe, top-notch quality swimsuit, and gym clothes. You should properly analyze the clothing item before you start the designing and creating process. You should consider the quality of the fabric, ensure the perfect fit, and also pay attention to the details.

Your deep research about every important factor will help you to reach the desired results. You should start with the purchase of the right quality fabric so that you can attain the perfect fit.

If you do not have a good experience in the pattern drawing, then you do not need to worry about it. There is a huge volume of information present online, and you can use that information for creating the perfect sportswear.

Good Quality Material

Choosing the right quality material plays a vital role in choosing the perfect sportswear. Based on the type of clothing you are designing, you should choose the right kind of fabric that works best for you.

Nowadays, fabric stores are flooded with a wide range of fabric patterns and styles. For instance, if you want to design the custom fit legging, then it is recommended to choose the material that offers the good stretch. The good stretch means the high level of flexibility in all directions.

The flexible materials have added Lycra that helps in maintaining flexibility for a longer time. The custom design leggings require flexible material. The Lycra will help to restore the original shape of the garment even after the long stretch.

On the other hand, if you want to design a top that is good on your skin and offer good comfort, then choose moisture-wicking material. You should choose the right kind of material according to your needs and requirements.


Looking out for the right kind of elastics and zippers for your sportswear is quite a difficult job. It involves various challenges. The leg gripper tape in the cycling shorts or sportswear zips with good quality pullers is not easily available in the market. These kinds of materials are sold to special cycling apparel manufacturing companies. But, by doing in-depth research, you can easily search the right kind of trims for your sports apparel.

Good-Quality Of Machine

The right kinds of tools and accessories you want to have created your sports uniform. By using the right kind of tools and machines, you can make a huge difference in the final output. It is recommended that you should invest in the good quality of fabric-scissors. You can use the pair of scissors for properly cutting of fabric. The standard overlock machine can also help in sewing the right fit sportswear.

Do Practice

When you are doing something for the first time, then you have a lot of practice. Well, when you do something for the first time, then there is a huge probability of mistake. Well, you should try and try again unless you achieve your target. When you choose the new type of stitching and sewing technique, then you should do the experiment.

By doing practice, again and again, you can easily achieve the desired results. By doing the practice, you can achieve the right fit for your sportswear. For instance, if you want to create the custom fit leggings, then you should do experiments until you get the desired results. 

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