Embed Instagram Feed on WordPress Website Without Any Plugins

Instagram is an admired social media platform that requires no introduction. This social media network has become immensely popular in recent times, with millions of active users all across the globe. In addition, this app also gives you an opportunity to strengthen your business. 

Create an Instagram profile that can build a fine client base with a useful outlook. This well-desired social media platform helps you effortlessly showcase your brand. Simply stand out from the crowd by building great user interest in your brand.

WordPress is an amazing, online, and open-source content management system for creating website platforms. This is a user-friendly CMS for creating blogging and various other kinds of websites. 

Additionally, another method to intensify your brand’s exposure is by embedding Instagram feed on your WordPress website. This will not only support your brand engagement but also draw future conversions. Thus through this way, followers can interact with your brand on both platforms easily. 

Embedding Instagram feeds on the WordPress website.

In recent years, Instagram has been really helpful to marketers for marketing objectives. It is nowadays common for all the major brands to mark their existence on Instagram. Additionally, embedding Instagram feeds on your WordPress website is a great move in that aspect.

By embedding Instagram feeds on your WordPress website without any plugins, you are making use of the visually engaging characters of Instagram posts to enhance your website performance.

Advantages of adding an Instagram feed to WordPress site 

Let’s have a look at why adding Instagram feeds to your WordPress website is advantageous for your business. Adding an Instagram feed will not only help to boost your business but also enhance your brand. Your visitors can easily have a look at your latest photos that you have uploaded on Instagram. Expanded brand exposure is the main advantage of this type of feed on your website. 

There are other benefits of embedding Instagram feeds on your WordPress website. You can grow long-lasting client connections by regularly updating your feed. Updating sharable and alluring pictures can help you keep your commitment levels high. 

In the end, you can get a noteworthy feeling of trust with your client base by adding an Instagram feed to your website. Make your clients know about how relevant and innovative your company is by regularly updating your feed. 

How to add Instagram feeds to your WordPress website without any plugins?

Instagram Official Embedding

To help you share your posts on websites and blogs, Instagram comes up with its official embedding functionality. This is recognized to be the most trusted ways to embed Instagram feeds on your website as it is provided by Instagram itself.

Now how your feed will look like when you embed it on your website? By making use of this channel, the username and caption linked with the photo feed will be displayed on the embedded photo feed. Hence clicking on the photo feed will guide you back to the source i.e., the Instagram profile. 

However, you can only add a single photo at a time through Instagram’s official embedding tool.

This involves simple steps to embed your Instagram feeds on websites. To increase in size the post, you just require to click on more […] button, and select “Embed”. After this, you just require to copy the code and paste it on the webpage where you desire to embed Instagram photo feed. That’s all; you are done.  

Taggbox Widget

Generate good-looking and extraordinary Instagram widget to be embedded on your WordPress website without any plugins with the help of Taggbox Widget, which is an outstanding social media aggregator tool. Through this tool, you can put the right Instagram feeds for both business and personal Instagram accounts. It collects feeds via hashtags, usernames, and mentions. 

This tool offers amazing customization options with beautiful themes and responsive layouts. Also, it operates in real-time. Therefore you get to display fresh and updated Instagram feeds on your website. 

To keep going to the quality and health of Instagram feeds, it comes with a substantial and solid moderation panel. To put a stop to irrelevant feeds, it lets you filter your Instagram feeds from getting displayed on your website. 


LightWidget is an exceptional Instagram widget to embed live Instagram feeds on your websites or blogs. This tool comes along amazing features such as captions, effects, square crops, padding, hashtag filters, etc. 

With LightWidget, you require to generate an embed code and paste it on the webpage where you wish to embed it.


Skyrocket your followers by displaying Instagram feeds on your website with the help of Snapwidget, which is yet another interesting social media aggregator tool. With Snapwidget not only on Instagram, but however, you can also add feeds from Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook on your website. 

Worry no more about displaying your Instagram feeds on your WordPress website as Snapwidget works in real-time. All your Instagram feeds automatically display on the websites as soon as they are posted on Instagram. Also, this tool offers you diverse options for widgets to choose from, such as Instagram popup, Instagram grid, Instagram slideshow, Instagram board, Instagram map, etc. 


Therefore, after going through all the social media aggregator tools listed above, you now recognize that embedding Instagram feeds on your website is the smartest decision to boost your website’s performance. 

Along with this, the marketer can be benefited through enhanced user-engagement, improved click-through rates, displaying social proof, building social trust for the brand, and many more. Therefore why are you even waiting anymore? Hurry up and embed Instagram feeds on your WordPress website without any plugins right now.

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