Good Retail Merchandising is Vital to Brand Perception And Customer Retention

How often do you go to the grocery store to find that your favourite item is sold out or is unavailable? How does this affect your client experience and your view of the retailer and the brand? On the off chance that you are in the consumer packaged goods or retail business and this has happened to you currently realize how frustrating this type of occurrence can be from a customer’s perspective.

Great retail merchandising is the key to a brand’s success as it relates to brand perception, sales and client maintenance. At the point when a client visits a retailer and things that they are searching for are not there just on the grounds that they have not made it to the shelf or, worse, are out of stock, it hurts the perception of both the brand and retailer.

Consider it. In the event that you love Tide detergent and on your week after week basic food item rushes to Loblaw’s you can’t buy it two weeks in a row, what would you do?

In every one of the three situations, had the brand been available and on the shelf, the customer would not have been inconvenienced and the brand would have retained its client. We gave Tide for instance, which is a notable thing with massive brand recognition in the marketplace as well as a dedicated customer following. This brand may be considered “worth” switching retailers for. Many different brands may not yet have increased such buyer loyalty, which is why the stakes are high in retail merchandising.

Outside of offering an incredible item, accessibility and reliability is a huge factor where customer retention is concerned. Items that are not properly merchandised (price tags are not on merchandise, for example) and not adequately stocked, bring about lost deals for the brand and retailer and, in the worst case scenario, can result in a shift in customer loyalty.

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