How to Track a phone Location of Kids with Tracker App

Do you want to know where your kid goes after school? Are you anxious that she could be following the wrong path? If yes, then you have landed at the right guide to grab information.
As a guardian, it’s normal to worry about your children because you want to make sure they are secure. Therefore; it’s imperative for you to know about their movements. The cases of kidnapping and missing kids are increasing day by day around the world. That’s why; the majority of parents are concerned about the safety of their children.
They want to know which places they explore every day and whom they interact with while they are outside the house or school. There are greater chances of them meeting with nasty people who might misguide them. Therefore, parents should use the GPS location tracker for android to track a phone location history of their children in real-time.

Why Should I Track My Child’s Location?

It is your responsibility to know about the whereabouts and all-day activities of your kid to confirm he is safe and not indulged in misconduct. Occasionally, they visit the dangerous places that they should not explore alone or they get stuck somewhere.
It is nearly impossible to track a phone their exact location history unless you have location tracker software in your hands. You just need to set-up the app on the target cell phone, and it will allow you to spy on their daily and weekly location history on Google Map. The location history will be sent to you on your web portal with detailed time stamps.

What Are the Reasons to Use the Location Tracker?

In the modern era, parents and children do not spend quality time with each other due to their busy routines. All those teens who are not tracked by their guardians are often engaged in harmful activities. Here are some inspiring reasons to utilize the location tracking tool.

Stay Informed About Where Your Child Is

The biggest reason to use the tracking app is that it empowers you to track a phone the accurate location. It has the capability to identify the exact location at any time and anywhere in the world. You can get to know about where your child is wandering while sitting at your office or home.
It provides you with in-depth information about the paths they take, the speed of their movement, and where they go before coming home. You can mark safe, perilous, and prohibited areas, so when your teen will visit them, you will receive a notification.

Confirm Your Kid Is Not Following the Wrong Path

Underage kids and teens are immature, so they don’t have any idea what’s good and bad for them. Adolescence is a stage of life where they want to discover the unknown, so they can follow the wrong path.
You should spy on their all-day activities to know about which destinations they visit the most. With the app, you can acquire the exact pinpoint location of your kid’s device and also store the data for future use.
You can watch their smartphone’s daily and weekly location history along with latitude, longitude, time, and date. When GPS is unavailable, you can still detect their location on the map.

How the Location Tracker Helpful for Parents?

• Use TheOneSpy phone spy software on the targeted device
• Use the web portal to grab information about the GPS history on the google map
• Obtain daily and weekly location history of the targeted smartphone
• Spy on regularly visited places
• Mark safe, dangerous, and restricted areas
• Identify the exact place where kids are hanging out


When the matter is about your kids’ protection and wellbeing, you should never compromise or hesitate to take initiative to safeguard them. Fortunately, the location tracker software is here to help you monitor the location history of your children and ensure they are safe. The uniqueness of this app is that it is easy to use and affordable.

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