Key Reasons Your Google Ad Campaigns Are Failing

Paid ads – a road typically less travelled by many businesses, especially in B2C industry due to high cost leads.

Even B2B companies despite spending a lot of money on Google ad campaigns are not getting the desired results; potential leads in particular.

Now, it’s that time – what to do about it.

And, how to create revenue generating PPC marketing campaigns, know what works, and what doesn’t every single time.

Remember, reviewing the paid media performance and customizing the campaigns won’t take you anywhere near to what you want.

Don’t turn a blind eye of doing business on the internet and take all actionable plans into account to keep moving with high revenue generation through paid campaigns.

If your campaigns are not performing well, give your AdWords account and PPC campaigns much-needed attention.

Here are top 5 reasons why your hard-earned money is going down the drain – not bringing you the required results; and, how to fix these shortcomings consuming a humungous amount and not delivering what’s required.

Lack of Dedicated Landing Pages

It’s not to make you apprehensive, but overlooking the significance of customized, dedicated landing pages is a costly mistake.

In PPC campaigns, using web pages as your landing pages will create a poor user experience for your paid search visitors.

What’s the mistake? You are not giving your potential customers what they are looking for as they click on your Google ads.

For example, if customer search for ‘professional PPC management course’ and clicking on an ad will took him to the page with many different types of paid campaign guides and courses, he would rightfully get unsatisfied.

You may use website pages as your PPC landing pages to save resources; however, a fully customized landing page, dedicated to your paid media campaign with a specific objective, will speak directly to your target keywords that customers use to search something specific on the internet.

Give your customers exactly what they want by designing custom landing pages for each paid campaign; with appropriate content and persuasive call-to-action.

Targeting People Who Haven’t heard of You

You must bring your business in front of the people to convert them into customers. Now, it is another most important reason behind not getting the desired results from your paid campaigns.

Here, it doesn’t mean your Google ads should focus on remarketing.

Do you know the recipe for failing campaigns? Creating ads with the aim of generating qualified leads and placing them in front of people who aren’t aware about your industry, business and value proposition.

Why so? If you target people having no clue about your business, they won’t likely trust you with their money. Paid media is not only about AdWords management and google ad campaigns. It’s all about letting people know about your business and create a selling pitch that converts.

Don’t mistake of calling on people who don’t know you.

What to do, then? First and foremost, educate people about your business, and make sure they have seen your content before.

The best is to build potential audience lists in Google Analytics, and then retarget them through your Google ad campaigns.

Do you know the highly effective strategy? It’s creating display ads to attract people to your website, build an audience list and then remarket your products and services to that audience.

Failing to Measure ROI

You don’t measure your Return on Investment (ROI) and it’s the most fundamental flaw that causes businesses to waste humungous advertising dollars.

You should know what you are making and at what margin. Accurate measurements of how much amount is worth investing in paid campaigns or hiring a reliable PPC company to manage your Google ads, and taking steps forward to making financially significant improvements for enhanced ROI.

Google Analytics is a remarkable thing to start with and make sure you clearly identify key metrics and KPIs related to ROI.

In the end, it’s all about how much you invest versus how much you earn through conversions you win from paid media.

Proper analytics setup is mandatory to manage the cost per conversion, and paid media optimization for more refined, profitable results.

Last but not the least is not using the accurate keyword categories that actually decide the size of impact your paid ads will have on your audience. for example, to reach a broad audience, you should use ‘Broad Match Keywords’ and to narrow the audience use ‘Exact Match Keywords’ category. Well, whatever category you use, make sure your target keywords are aligned with your consumer journey.

Pro Tip: Always use Google ads extensions, add negative keywords in a systematic manner, and bid on branded keywords.

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