Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Laptop Speed:

When it comes to computers and laptops, it usually means that the new version works great. But this is only a simple issue, if you take care of your machine, it will always work like a new machine and you will enjoy working with your machine. If you Looking for the best laptops Here is a list of some points you need to follow to make your machine work like a new laptop.


Why go with the steps to improve laptop speed?


A laptop at low speed will delay all your work. In fact this problem is getting worse day by day, it is damaging your laptop very badly. So understanding the importance of your work will be as broad a decision as understanding the problems in your laptop and solving those problems so that you can use your machine as the newest system and finish your work as fast as you used before with better laptop speed. You can also buy new laptops from amazon online shopping offers. You can also exchange your old laptops with new one and save big on your new laptop. 


Increase RAM Size – Increasing the RAM size of your laptop can definitely help increase the size of your laptop. So if the RAM size of your machine is around 2 GB you should definitely make sure to upgrade the RAM size of your laptop. If your machine is 32 bit you can use a maximum size of 3 GB so you need to increase the RAM size of your laptop by 1 GB.


Add an SSD – You can use an SSD and transfer all data from your computer to it. There are many applications that are very useful for transferring all valuable data. These days, a good SSD comes in your budget that is settled in your pocket. SSDs today have more features and they are also cheaper. You can browse any eCommerce website to get an idea of ​​SSD prices.


Change Power Mode Selection – The laptop has three power options namely “Power Saver”, “Balanced” and “High Performance”. Power saver mode is optimized to save power anyway so you should use the balanced or high performance option to speed up your laptop. The best way is to use the balance when the laptop is not connected to the socket and in high performance mode while the charger is on.


Disable apps that open when you start your laptop – Software manufacturers and laptop brands have installed a lot of unwanted apps on your computer. You should review all the applications installed on your laptop through a tool like “Autorun for Windows” which will help you to see the list of installed applications and therefore you can easily uninstall the apps that open when you start Lamchain and you do not need it.


Run the file scanner to remove unwanted files and folders – over time many unwanted files, caches and folders will be created. These files drag down your system performance and your machine runs very slowly. You need to use a file scanner like cCleaner, which browses all the files and folders on your laptop and gives you the option to delete unwanted files and folders if you do not need them.


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