Data Science Research: Moving the Industry Forward

Today nearly 2.6 quintillion bytes of data are generated every day. This humongous amount of unstructured data requires simple structured processes to analyze and uncover the truth. Research is the primary medium to come up with processes and find ways to analyze data and unearth actionable insights.

Irrespective of the industries where data science is used – healthcare, technology, manufacturing – data science research is required across all to transform data science operations and other functions. Universities and colleges are putting in a lot of effort in this direction to help the industry transform. Right from medical science (transforming medical imaging capabilities, development of better diagnostic tools) to the development of unmanned aerial vehicles, research at educational institutions is on the verge of making breakthroughs in data science and several already have.

 Data science research at universities and colleges 

The following are a few universities that are at the front of data science research.

  1. University of Florida – Data Science Research
  2. University of California, Berkeley – The Berkeley Institute for Data Science
  3. Columbia University – Data Science Institute
  4. New York University – Center for Data Science, VIDA (Visualization Imaging, and Data Analysis Center)
  5. Northwestern University – Data Science Initiative
  6. University of Washington – Data Science Research & Education

Evidently, these researches are funded, either through university grants or exclusive sponsorship from global companies. Large corporations are a huge participant in this researches. Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and other companies keep themselves actively engaged in data science research. While companies have their own facility, they tend to offer institutions all possible help to accelerate innovation data science.

WDSI (World Data Science Initiative), for instance, offers $250 million in university grants to colleges and universities to promote data science education. The aid supports universities to build data science programs from scratch, shape up data science education and other resources.

The initiative supports universities to set up their data science school and build a global pool of data science talent, in the wake of shortage of data science talent.

Here are a few more highlights of the initiative:  

  1. The initiative helps universities in setting up centers of Data Science Excellence, where programs in data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. are offered.
  1. A total of USD 250 million is offered in university grants to reduce the cost burden to universities and colleges. Grants go directly to bear the cost of certification and knowledge as well as the construction of the data science excellence center.
  2. The initiative brings like-minded people together – educators, industry experts, professionals, who have the same zeal to accelerate data science adoption and overcome the shortage of data science talent.

– The Initiative actively assists all its member-institutions in embracing vendor-neutral and cross-platform Data Science knowledge frameworks and standards in their undergraduate, Masters, Ph.D., and continuing education programs, besides enabling students to acquire the certifications.  


Overall, innovation in data science is constantly underway and new use-cases of data science are being thoroughly investigated at universities. This research isn’t only helping the industry to move toward a new direction that is heavily data-driven but to make life better.


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