Services included under Guest Post Service!

Many people are providing different guest post services. But a single question in the mind of every individual always comes that “what all services to be provided under this?” so today we are going to briefly describe all the services that one can provide and the guest post service. Not only a single backlink is provided apart from the backlink, but there are also a lot of things that one can include. Go ahead and read the article in detail before deciding the final list for services. One can add or subtract the same as per the availability and topic.

What all things to be included?

For placement of a single blog on a website with domain authority of 30 plus one can provide the following services:

  1. One URL and one keyword Placement in the blog post.
  2. 600 plus words for the content.
  3. Manual outreach and professional content to be placed for any blog post.
  4. Make sure that the content you are accepting is of high quality with proper grammar. Google gives the most important to the grammatical mistakes in the content.
  5. Provide the proper report after posting the blog and the URL to the buyer. It will help to keep the transparency with the buyer.

What additional services one can provide?

In the additional services, one can give the hike in the above-mentioned placement services.

  • For example, one can give the allowance for posting more than 600 words and charge extra for the same.
  • If the buyer wants to place more than one link, then you can allow but which some additional charges.
  • It will be a choice of the bio whether they want permanent or temporary linking. If it is a permanent backlink, then a charge will be high, and if it is temporary, then a charge will is low.

Can I provide free gas for service to the bloggers?

Suppose you are new to the industry and want to build your name and brand than providing some free services initially. Providing free services is the best option to attract bloggers. If they like your website and your domain and page authority are more than it will be easy to convince them for posting on your site. In this case, the advantages to both blogger and the provider.

The blogger will get a free service for guest posting, and the provider will get free post and branding of the brand. If the blogger liked your services, then they will recommend you in their group. Yes, while providing free services initially, you will not get any profit but apart from profit building a brand is very necessary. Therefore one has to provide some discounts and offers to the bloggers.

One can also provide discounts and offers every month. It will be an attraction for the users, and they will continue checking your site to get more updates.


In this way, one can adequately provide multiple services. Provide the bill with the service you are providing until the date it expires. Providing a proper bill will help to save yourself from future tribulations. Many people are looking for guest post service. It depends on your services whether they will get attracted you or not. Analyse your competitors, and the services they are providing it will help to maths the competition. One can search for many sites to get the best option for their site promotions. Go for the work which
would be profitable and long term. Keep availing guest post service consistently for almost one year.

Your competitors always try to do better than you; you should do the same. Try to keep all your upcoming services as a secret in a group of 3 or 4 people only. In this way, a blogger will be able to get traffic on site.

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